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Mary - what is magnesium supposed to do for wt? I take cal-mag-zinc I have leftover from PG since I get almost zero calcium in my diet being off dairy.
Paula - wow, great on the EC! We just ordered a smaller potty. I'd love to get pee in the potty and keep their bottoms drier but in the meantime I"m just happy we full time cloth diaper and that's about all I can handle with nursing and washing diapers and taking care of DD. We're doing OK, super exhausted but slowly moving from survival do getting a few more things done .We are about all out of freezer meals and I'm having to cook again which is crazy, one more job I can...
so so sorry to hear of your lymphoma diagnosis, mama p. You know there is more to bonding than milk but I hear you on grieving not being able to nurse as long if indeed treatment forces you to stop.  for building a stash most people pump 1x, after a morning feed. You pump at work so really you need 1-1.5 oz per hr of separation then come home from work with the next day's milk. A little extra for insurance wouldn't hurt, eitther
  Pump 15-20 minutes, I'd say. Don't worry about fore vs hind. You don't want to throw yourself into over supply.  If nothimg else was coming out then you are getting hind milk. Milk looks different bagged and whatever you can give is awesome. Thank you all for sharing in my happy news!
Thanks mama. I just stopped in to share with you all the wonderful news that my boys are now as efficient (or more) than my hospital grade pump! I am ditching the pump (I hope!) and just nursing them and still supplementing with donor milk 9 oz day both together. I also got a bunch of donor milk today from human milk for human babies.Mamapigeon - please feel free to PM me or ask on here anything I might be able to help with re: the pumping. I think I owe a lot of our...
I'm still spotting too but I think it's from the domperidone.
totally agree, Mary.
I don't enjoy pregnancy. It's scary to me with my history of losses and I hate all the nausea and vomiting and not being able to run but the point is the baby at the end (or babies). I just wonder if this question in my head means no I am not done and I really do want another one.
I just hate that I think about it so much. terrible day with sick kids. I'm stressed out and exhausted then my "out" is to say we're done, I am not doing this again.   I look at my cute babies and I just love kids and love being a mommy and think "I don't want to be done, let's have more..."   But with multiple miscarriages that makes everything harder and scarier. With my two pregnancies that ended in live births I was very sick the first half and quite uncomfortable...
Oh I can't try before the boys are two yrs old at least. I can't TTC while nursing and I hope to nurse them 2+ yrs. I just wish it were an easier decision but maybe in 2-3 yrs we'll be more rested and forget about how chaotic and stressful this has been. I'm so exhausted right now that when I"m done pumping I want to take a nap with the babies and let DD watch a video. Probably sounds terrible of me but I've been up since 3 a.m. and that's after being up at 12 to pump so...
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