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Quote: Originally Posted by Adamsmama Where is everyone getting/finding the yeast and the almond butter. We go every week and I haven't noticed these two items. I don't buy yeast at CostCo but the almond butter is by the peanut butter, jelly, nutella, etc one row away from the beginning of the freezer section at the CostCo I go to.
I'm dying to google 'rock island' now but I don't want to virus up my computer. Seriously, I hope someone here can help you. Like the previous poster, my dh handles most things computer.
organic vanilla beans, cheap, fresh, pliable, really good every time: http://www.organic-vanilla.com/servlet/StoreFront
My husband drives a 99 CRV and we love it. It's held up very, very well and still looks great too. We also have an 03 Odyssey and have become Honda believers, so I will say, I would go with the CRV. I don't think you'd really go wrong either way but I have had nothing but good experiences with Hondas and Honda dealerships too...
~Hello Kitty lipgloss from grandma for my 19 month old ~nail polish from my SIL for my 5 year old ~gifts for the two littles and nothing for my 13 year old from my own sister I'm sure there will be more but geez...I think that's enough (btw my solution is to give the lip gloss to the 5 year old, the polish to the teen and nothing for the baby, she won't know the difference anyway! LOL)
If your grocery store has a fresh salad bar, you may be able to buy them for less money than the frozen bag, and then stick the salad container with lid into the freezer when you get home. I get migraines from eating chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the worse the pain This recent discovery has been a real bummer, but my solution is just to not eat chocolate. Does your family really need to have onions? What if you had an allergy? Then they would HAVE to do...
I think your hurt feelings are valid...but I guess I would look at this situation as, do I want to open the door to a new relationship with my sister, or am I committed to never seeing her again because she slighted me for so long? I think I would cautiously start to redevelop the bond you had all your life with her. But, the 'pretend nothing happened' crap is for the birds. Tell her how you feel, and that you don't want to be dumped again! I hope it all works out...
I haven't had to deal with this situation yet with my own teen (she's not quite 14) but I have thought about it, because I had a boyfriend in high school whose mother has the same philosophy about teen sex that you have. I wish now that it had been harder for us to be sexually active, because in retrospect I was not ready for that kind of situation even though I thought I was. We probably would have found other venues for our activities but not as frequently. I think I'd...
We have a '99 with about 110K and it is in really good condition. I will agree with the others who have said there is a comparatively high amount of road noise, but my DH drives the CRV primarily and it never bothers him.
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