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Our basement flooded in early September and it was a pain...we have a finished basement and we LIVE down here, all the time. It's carpeted and we had to have all the carpet ripped out, dehumidifiers and fans set up, mildecide sprayed everywhere, blablabla. 2 months later now and finally back to normal...big to you guys. I hope it's not too much of a hassle while you're getting it fixed up. I'm glad to hear you've got a good landlord.
We keep a little less than the amount that our homeowners ins policy would cover in the event of theft, which is $1000. We have $800 in a hidden safe and figure that between us we would not have more than $200 in our wallet/purse at any one time...
Part of why I'm homeschooling my kids is to avoid the kind of 'socialization' they'd be getting in public school. Public school is really an artificial kind of society if you think about it...when else in life will your child be forced into a situation where the only thing he or she might have in common with everyone else is their age? By homeschooling, my kids get to have relationships with people of all ages, just like I do.
We have ours set to 58 in the winter, but turn it up when we have guests like my mother in law or anyone with a baby, to their comfort level (67 or so?). In the summer we keep the temp at 78, because I really don't like to perspire all the time and that's the cutoff for me. We're on a budget billing program and our monthly energy bill is $115.
We have always done just one gift. Last year we gave our 13 year old an iPod, our 5 year old an easel, and the baby a fleece pajama. This year we are giving the 13 year old a saddle and the 5 year old and baby a joint gift, a dollhouse, but each girl will get her own little doll for the dollhouse. We also do an advent calendar with mostly little edibles, but also some other small things like a flavored chapstick or a page of stickers. The kids each get a stocking in...
So, MsHollyK, How did it all turn out?
good, good, good vibrations! :
Hi everyone, I hardly ever post to the group but I've been around since pregnancy with Valerie. She'll be 18 months old on the 16th...how time flies! How many teeth do your little ones have? She still has only 4. I posted about it on the dental forum since it seems like my other children all had more teeth by this age.
My youngest is 18 months old and has only 4 teeth. This doesn't seem to stop her from eating and the teeth she does have (2 top front, 2 bottom front) look fine, but I'm beginning to wonder if this is in the range of normal. She does ha a first dental appointment in November but it's not as if they are going to give her tiny dentures if the other teeth don't come in, so I kind of feel like skipping the appointment at this point.
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