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My teen is only 13 so I'm not charging her rent, but I have a friend in this situation and she charges 25% of her 20 year old son's take home pay. He's had a few different jobs and this is working well for both of them.
In Kansas City on the Kansas side the area code is 913, and if you're calling from the Missouri side you have to dial the area code with no 1 in front. I wonder how many false 911 calls that precipitates.
Congratulations Kati, I am so happy that you have a baby to hold now
Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st I was wondering why I havent seen you PajamaMama! MY house is still a mess since I still spend enough time online!! I am missed! Thank you
That stinks. What kind of school is it? (public or private) By the way, what the heck is an 'exection'? That's what the letter says someone has...
I have found that the less time I spend on the computer the cleaner my house is...I have really cut back on the screen time lately and it's made a huge difference in my happiness level.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbrinton It's a good idea to turn off the pilot light in the summer or when you will not be using the fireplace. This actually costs a lot of money over the course of the year and there's no point in keeping the fireplace ready to go when the weather is nice outside : We haven't lit ours yet this fall...
Quote: Originally Posted by MPJJJ I would absolutely press charges. Do you want this happening to another woman, because you let him get away with it this time? I mean this gently, but it would not be the OP's fault if someone else was menaced by this man, no matter what action she does or doesn't take. It would be this man's fault.
That sounds so frustrating! Regarding the bread crusts, I cut them off for my 5 year old and stick them in a baggie in the freezer. When I need bread crumbs or croutons I use the crusts. Would your son consider no tie shoe laces? http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/curlylaces.asp
We have a gas fireplace and turning it on makes the house feel overheated quickly. I live in Kansas. I don't know how much gas it uses or if it is efficient. We use it sparingly because we don't like being too warm!
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