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I'm only taking one class this summer and I'm going to be sitting at my computer ready to register the minute registration opens so that I can get an online section. I moved to the midwest from Florida almost 3 years ago and I am *still* adjusting to the idea that summer actually means something! I need to be outside playing with my kids and soaking up the sunshine while it lasts now. I never appreciated the weather in FL. I just grumbled about my a/c bills. Live and learn!
I think she's old enough to shave her legs and underarms if that is what she wants. Get her a nice safe razor and give her instruction, even if you do not do it yourself. Maybe she will decide that it isn't worth the time and effort, but she won't forget that you were there for her when she asked you to be.
Even though the bank balance may not be your smallest bill (as I understand it you "snowball" by paying off smallest to largest?) I would make paying that debt a priority, because it seems to me that running a business without a bank account would be really time consuming and difficult. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by iowaorganic If you don't fulfill the contract you will have to repay- I have heard rumors of this kind of deal- but this is why I haven't sought this out. Who knows what the future holds? It is just another kind of indebtedness.
Quote: Originally Posted by amyamanda Not to be a downer, but a friend of mine graduated from nursing school last year and most of her classmates did not find work after graduation. She was one of the lucky few. With the economy and the job market the way it is, I wouldn't count on being able to get work, and I would keep plugging away on a cash basis, like you're doing. I'm really surprised to hear that you know a lot of RNs who can not...
Try something small, like finger puppets or play food. Around holidays you can do theme items, like eggs for easter or ornaments for christmas. People will buy these things, and they are not as much of a time investment for you as, say, a whole blanket, or even a baby sweater. Good luck!
I went back to school last year, taking prerequisite classes for an RN program. My husband and I agreed that we'd rather it take a few years for me to finish the program than to go into debt for it, especially since I already have a BA, and if he died I could find employment with my current degree. (I am a sahm/student right now). Anyway, here I am, plugging away one or two classes per semester, and after the class I'm taking now I'm done with all the requirements for...
This is a little beside the point but I thought you had to be at least 14 years old to have a Facebook account.
I would work on potty training the two year old in disposable diapers. I know, you can't force it, but maybe it is the right time, and you won't know unless you try, right?
I have an old mandoline from the 60s that my mother in law gave me. I love it, it can be sharpened and is all stainless steel. There is no hand guard though. I shaved my thumb a few times before I got the hang of it. They can be dangerous! I keep mine in the liquor cabinet so none of the children accidentally loses a finger to it digging around in the cupboards.
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