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If I were in your situation I would not counteroffer, I would withdraw my offer. See if they come back to you begging to buy the house with a better offer to YOU. The house isn't your dream house, and new houses come on the market every day. Don't pay a penny more than you wanted to. When it comes to houses it's easy to say "it's only another $3k". But, would you spend $3k on a pair of shoes? Give it away on the street? $3k is $3k. You'll really feel that extra money you...
That stinks. We had an '03 Odyssey until a couple of weeks ago and didn't find out until we were shopping for a new car that we escaped well-documented transmission problems. I hope you can get Honda to pay for at least part of the transmission replacement.
I have 3 girls, ages 2, 6 and 14. I've been going through the kids' toys too and this is what I'm keeping: One shoebox of tiny stuffed animals One laundry hamper of large stuffed animals A trunk of dress-up items A shoebox of plastic dinosaurs and other plastic animals Wooden kitchen and accessories (pots/plates/toy food) Dollhouse and accessories All the Littlest Pet Shop animals and accessories but none of their "houses" Set of wooden blocks Several shelves...
I wouldn't do it.
I flew recently with my kids and I did not have to prove that any of them were mine. I didn't even have any ID for them. It was a complete non-issue.
Until yesterday I had a 2003 Honda Odyssey LX that I really, really loved. Long story short my husband and 3 kids were in the car on the interstate and were involved in a multicar wreck and the van was totaled. The thing looks like it just crumpled in the accident...but thanks to that van and our carseats my whole family walked away from the wreck with nothing but bruises from their seatbelts...I am replacing it with the same when we get the insurance stuff straightened out.
Okay, sorry, I didn't mean to upset you when you're here looking for help. It just seems to me like he has a problem, but he is the one walking out while you do all the searching for a solution. That's what I meant by saying he's putting it all on you. I am a little sensitive today and it's hard to sound diplomatic over the internet sometimes, but I really do hope your family finds a way to work through this.
My youngest has the same screeching thing going on and has since she was about a year old. She is now 28 months old and still does it (not as often but probably still every day at least once). My husband tried the same "It causes me pain" thing with us but has basically just accepted that he HAS to deal with it. There are moments in parenting that cause us pain. I had to nurse through thrush...oh yeah, and live through the pain of pregnancy and birth...I know it sucks but...
I personally wouldn't offer 1 penny more than what *I* think the property is worth. If you think it's worth $110k less than the listing price, don't offer any more than that. You are the one who's going to have to pay it off, and a difference of $15k is pretty big. I think when people are making large purchases a sense of creeping decimalism makes thousands of dollars sound like only a little, but in reality a dollar is a dollar is a dollar. Don't become emotionally...
I guess I don't understand your financial situation. You say you will lose about $10,000 a year on commissions, but your base salary will go up by $20,000 a year, so how is that a bad thing financially? As for the rapport you feel will be lacking if you go to M-F 9-5, I would think that the gained time with your family would definitely be worth it.
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