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When I was pregnant the first time (15 years ago) we lived in Maryland and went to a Babee Tenda sales show. We ended up buying the chair/table thing. We did get a lot of use out of it, but it was way expensive. (Maybe $400) Definitely not worth the money. I wish we'd just gotten an inexpensive high chair at a yard sale and saved ourselves the cash...we didn't have a lot of money then, dh was military and I was working a part time sales job, but the salesmen did a good job...
Quote: Originally Posted by HydeParkB - Canned Asian mushrooms . I don't like canned mushrooms much but I have used them, chopped pretty finely, mixed into meatballs or meatloaf. It helps keep the meat from drying out, stretches the meat so it feeds a few more people, and tastes fine with ground beef.
If all you have left is doll diapers, maybe you could make them yourself out of something in your house that isn't being used. They don't need to be *perfect*, just functional...and since they don't actually have to absorb anything, 'functional' is a pretty easy thing to achieve
We donate money to charity through our accountant, and I do different service things with the kids when the opportunity presents itself.
you really did do the right thing. your son will never forget that you believed him... much peace and strength to you
If you're in an area that has Craigslist, try putting out a 'housing wanted' advertisement with your needs and your budgeted amount. I've had some friends do that here in the KC area with great success. I'd definitely get out of the situation you're in now. That is a HUGE rent increase, and it doesn't sound like you're getting good value for your money as it is. The wonderful thing about renting is that if your lease is up and you're unhappy, you can just leave!...
Quote: Originally Posted by Belleweather Does your rider cover just your ring or things that are beyond your homeowner's policy in general? I ask because we've got some semi-valuable art and musical instruments that we should probably rider when we renew our policy, but if it's going to be $100 for the ring + $100 for the art + $100 for the instruments, that gets crazy fast! Especially if it's $100 for each article, you know? We have separate...
Not to turn this into a gross out thread but one of my kids shoved a dried bean up her nose and I sucked it out. With my mouth.
My homeowners insurance would replace mine...our jewelry rider is only about $12 a year, for all the jewelry I own...check into it!
Have you tried a Magic Eraser? They're very inexpensive, and I was able to get stains from a carpet cleaner solution off my brushed stainless steel trash can with it. Good luck... And if I were in your situation, I would either replace the part myself, or split it with the maid and then give her a $65 bonus on the first possible occasion (like when is St. Patricks Day?) She is already working very hard for her money and you said that you wouldn't even notice that...
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