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This is a really good tip and it does work to spread the hot air around. We run our ceiling fans year round, reversing as the seasons change. We're on a total 12 payment, same payment every month, and that is $115.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola Ugh, I almost have the Valentine's Day achievement, but I have only gotten two bags of candies, and the last bag did not give the either of the two hearts I needed. I didn't get the Halloween achievement because I never got any toothpicks, so I was getting really cranky about the lack of candy too. I took a nap this afternoon and while I was sleeping my husband and teen daughter got me the candy and love fool...
We buy milk at Costco, and it's $9.99 for 3 1/2 gallon cartons of organic 1%. So, that is $6.67 a gallon...we don't go through it very fast though, and the cartons from Costco are good for a few weeks.
What caused these blackouts?
It's coming up on 8am Monday, I hope you're not going to leave us hanging!
You can claim it, and he should only claim the taxes paid through the time that he owned the house.
I think most water parks open on Memorial Day, which isn't until the end of May, so unless you plan on going pretty far south I don't think that is going to work out...
Quote: Originally Posted by mata I drive an 11 year old Honda CRV-it's the best! Not one problem, perfect size, good gas mileage, etc. We also have a '99 and it's in perfect condition with 110,000 miles on it. When my 13 year old needs a car we plan to give it to her (few years) and buy another Honda.
My 'vanity' character is an alliance mage. Definitely an advantage to being alliance, and a human, when it comes to getting pets. I hate rep grinds too. I'm only a day or two away from getting Pengu. I could have had it weeks ago but the only quest I do is the one to get supplies because I dislike grinding so much. I don't have the disgusting oozeling yet either.
Quote: Originally Posted by KittyKat Last night I got the Firefly pet! I have drooled over it a long time, just never felt like farming endless hours trying to find it. If I was in the area, I might make a couple rounds. Well, last night I was on my neglected DK, level 66. She actually gets XP from killing those silly bogflare needlers, so I figured kill 2 birds with one stone. She gets XP, and maybe, just maybe... Well sure enough after running up...
New Posts  All Forums: