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I finally caught Mr. Pinchy last night. I caught him once about 6 months ago, but I didn't get the vanity pet from him. Last night I did, on my first wish : Then because I was in such a good mood I agreed to go to MT with my daughter's group and I won the phoenix hatchling! I've never seen it drop, mostly because I don't usually do heroics I suppose...my family is so amused that my non combat pets are making me so happy
I think I'm in for this. I am going to cheat a little and start with an easy room though since it's already Jan. 31st :P
Quote: Originally Posted by llamalluv Many creditors have closed that loophole, so that form of credit abuse is no longer available. How is that credit abuse? It's not like the OP would be piggybacking on a stranger's credit...this is her father
He can still be the things to you that you value in him while you live in your own space. I hope you can get where you need to be sooner rather than later. You do deserve better, You know it! ps- I'm not your blog troll. I've had that happen to me and ended up locking up my LJ over it. Blech.
Quote: Originally Posted by PiscesMama24 but I keep thinking to myself, if they just tried a little harder, or if they really wanted it, they would find a way I am so sorry
CJ- Continue down the introspective road you're following and your course of action should become clear. I know you are calling him your lover...but he isn't showing that he deserves that title through his actions. Unfortunately some men are all too comfortable with agreeing to something as temporary when it's what they want, and then forgetting their promises, content to maintain the status quo because that's what suits them. Do you find yourself fantasizing...
Warm thoughts from Kansas...I have a 13 year old daughter myself and can not imagine the pain of losing her.
Wow, that is hard. On one hand, any of us could die, really, at any moment...I wouldn't think of him as 'dying' any more than any other person. On the other hand, you already have a child who needs you.
Quote: Originally Posted by dancebaraka Love these ideas! OK my new uber-frugal discovery is Kmart super double coupons. I have done a couple of the events now, and I basically use coupons for whatever is free. They will double up to and including $2 coupons. I keep a big give-away basket of extras for friends, and I donate whatever else I or others won't use to a local women's shelter. Recently I got free catfood, vaseline lotions, packing tape,...
Here is a temporary work at home thing that you might be able to do, since you have a computer and internet connection. It's legit... Dear Family, Friends, and Colleagues, My company, Cloud 10, has been asked to provide support for a short term government customer service program related to the transition of all over the air analog television signals to digital signals. I am sending this email to my contacts and asking their help in “getting the word” out to...
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