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I have two daughters, age 3 and 11, between the 3 of us we have a lot of hair 'stuff' too. I have a big wicker basket with a handle under the bathroom sink. All the hair clips are on the handle and around the sides of the basket. There are two little travel bags from airlines in the basket, one holds barrettes and the other holds elastics. Inside the basket are the hair brushes, and bigger stuff like headbands and scrunchies. That's about it.
I wonder what farmers would say about those of you who can't grow their own food? Or myriad other people who do other things as part of their daily lives that are out of the norm for us? How many people nodding their heads in agreement privately think it's shameful that more people don't know how to sew their own diapers?
How many kilowatt hours is that for you? Our bill last month was $72.80, that's for 469 kilowatt hours. It was the lowest bill we've ever had. Of course, we live in Florida so our inexpensive utility season is now...
I have been thinking about braces a lot lately, my dd is 11 and we just got the recommendation for her to get $6000 worth of orthodontic work. (see my thread from last week in this forum) We are going to do it...her teeth don't look bad, they look like mine did when I was 11 and I now have beautiful, healthy, straight teeth and never had any orthodontic work at all. HOWEVER, I *do* have TMJ problems that could have been corrected with orthodontics when I was a preteen. My...
Books can be recycled, if you don't want to 'pitch' them but don't want to save them either and can't find a new home for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shanana Also, here are some musical toys for use in the bath. My mom got the drums and flutes for dd for xmas. She is 17 months and too young for this stuff now, but I'm guessing she'll enjoy it when she's older. The water xylophone in this link has been a great hit with both my 3 and 11 year old daughters However, we did not buy it from Hearthsong...we bought it from a local Learning Express store for $10 (and...
Whatever mattress you get, make sure you get a good cover. I learned a disgusting fact while mattress shopping...after 10 years your mattress will weigh twice what it did when you bought it if you do not use a cover. BLEEEAAAARRGGHHHH!!!! Good luck. Fwiw, dh and I bought a pillow top this year and it is fine. It's nice and squishy on top of a firm mattress. There is no sagging in the middle or anywhere else.
You could also just put them in any old way, but rip them to your computer first. The organization is on your computer! Then if you want to listen to certain music it's super easy to find, and if you want to listen to it in your car or whatever you can burn yourself a cd of mp3's. Our cds are all in a couple of wallets and there are hundreds of them, and not that organized, but it doesn't matter because we rarely need a disc anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by laprettygurl I'm going to be 28! Thanks for playing! Holy cow! 28! I think you look about 15, no kidding.
I love living in Tallahassee. I sometimes think I would prefer living in NW Iowa, where my family is, and where we could live much more simply, but other things that contribute to our happiness now would be missing (like job satisfaction in certain careers that just are not possible there) so who knows?
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