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That's the route I'm thinking of going, but don't I have to call them once I'm in labor, just to give them the heads up? Kind of hard to say "oops I had my baby and forgot to call you" plus my husband would probably try and stuff me in the truck or call the paramedics.I just want a nice private, quiet and dim setting to have my little girl in. It was a noisy, bright zoo at the hospital with my son and it drove me nuts.
I have brought it up to them, but they always change the subject or give us some speach about their office being a safe place. There is another midwifery practice here in town. I'm thinking I'd like to check them out, see what they're like. I'm just afraid of going from bad to worse. >_
Hi everyone I'm just looking for some advice form someone who's not going to look at me like over got two heads. I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I've told my midwives from the beginning I want a homebirth and they said it was an option. Now they seem to be trying to steer me away from a home birth. Im perfectly healthy, so is baby. The only thing is I have some issues with anxiety but I've been doing everything to control it and I just feel like they're trying...
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