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Long warm-ups can be so tough. Big hugs to you! Have you tried an epsom salt bath and a small glass of wine? It might give you enough of a break to get some decent rest, so that you feel more energized when things really pick up. Also, how's your hydration and nutrition? If your body is feeling depleted it may not be willing to kick into active labor until it's gotten what it needs. I hope you get some rest and are soon snuggling your sweet baby!
All inductions, "natural" or not, carry risks. I know it's so hard to wait and not know when baby will arrive, but babies know when to be born and messing with that delicate hormonal process can have serious consequences. Your body is perfectly capable of birthing your baby without the "help" of medicinal herbs. Of course, it is always have the right to manage your pregnancy as you choose, but please carefully research the potential risks and benefits of any intervention.
"Due" Date: 10/20/12 Predicted birth date: 10/18/12 Time of birth: 3:24pm Length of labor: 10 1/2 hours Baby's sex: girl Baby's weight: 8lbs 10oz Baby's length: 21in Baby's name: Zola Katherine Anything else about the birth or baby: I predict baby will be born at home in the water, caught by my hubby, with my daughter and closest friends in attendance.
Hi everyone! I thought it might be fun if we had a place where we could post our predictions for our births/babies. Maybe a mod can "sticky" this so we can come back to update after babies arrive?   "Due" Date: Predicted birth date: Time of birth: Length of labor: Baby's sex: Baby's weight: Baby's length: Baby's name: Anything else about the birth or baby:  
We didn't find out with our first and I absolutely loved the moment when we lifted her up from the water to meet her and discovered that she is a girl. We're not planning on any ultrasounds this time around, so we'll be on team green again
I got my BFP yesterday at 9dpo (and on about 7 tests since...) My EDD is October 20th. I'm still in shock but so so excited!
  Congratulations, icy!   Looks like February might be repeat of the awesome successes in January. I just got a BFP at 9dpo this morning. I'm in total shock. It took us 16 cycles (including IUI) last time, and this time only 1!   Can you please update my stats to "Success stories": Pittnurse - 18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m
Thanks for the new thread, jj! Can you please move me to the 2WW? Also, my DD is 26 m/o now and here's a link to my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/682b6/  I'm not currently temping, but just trying to keep track of CM, CP, and OPKs. Pretty sure I'm 5dpo and going back and forth between feeling totally at peace and totally anxious. I started a fertility yoga class on Monday that will continue for the next few weeks and I think it's helping me stay more...
Thanks for sharing you infertility experiences here, mamas. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I am grateful for the understanding and support  We'll probably try on our own for about 8 cycles, because I'll be going out of town to attend my friend's birth in July and I don't want to get into the whole process again until after that. Our RE told us that we had a whopping 3-5% chance of conceiving on our own. I just got my +OPK this evening and we've had "ideal" timing so...
I'll hopefully be getting a +OPK tomorrow. I've had EWCM for a couple days and we've been GIO every other day just to cover our bases . I'm glad I won't be alone in the 2WW! When do you all usually start testing? Does anyone not test? I'm not sure what I'll do yet. We had one pregnancy "scare" a year ago and the negative test totally crushed me. Any other mamas here experience infertility before achieving your previous pregnancies? We conceived using Clomid/IUI after 15...
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