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we exposed our kiddos last thurs. fingers crossed we're poxy and contagious in the next few days! Ill be back to let you know!!
Are you crusted over yet? I would love to come play!
Definitely give Nancy a call. 860-742-6911 Not afraid of twins. Trusts birth. Knows there are many variations of normal.
Nancy Farr in CT also goes into RI to attend births. 8607426911 Her fee is more of what you expected as well. She is also willing to barter and open to payment plans. Just ask! If you are committed to homebirth you WILL have one. Good luck in your search for a midwife. I hope you find the one who will truly be "with woman", with you!
Thanks so much for all the responses. Again, Im not sure what is the acceptable outcome that I'd like to see, wish I had a check list of options! lol   I do want to add that yes I agree that their relationship with BIL is none of our business. However,  the last 3-4 months before this happened, every single.time. I saw MIL she would go on and on and on about how awful it is that they have adult children living at home, how they are financially struggling, (both...
Some Background: I have a 29 year old BIL who is a professional mooch. He's been squatting at the in-laws since the beginning of time-has never moved out. He doesn't give them a cent, buy groceries, do his laundry or anything you'd expect from an adult child living at home. He contributes in no way shape or form. Doesn't cook, clean, shovel sidewalks, get the mail, nothing. nothing.nothing. He has no agreement or "lease" of any sort, not even one verbal exchange. The...
we need pox! anyone up for sharing??
  There are also Midwives in CT who travel into RI. pm me for info
anyone else have it right now? *fingers crossed
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