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I've always said, I'm pregnant, not disabled or sick. Many of the pregnancy no nos are really just "use common sense" If I trust the restuarant there's no reason I can't enjoy myself =)
Yup and I'm going to wait until I'm 14 weeks to say I'm in my 2nd trimester. I figure if normal pregnancy is up to 42 weeks, 14 weeks is 1/3 of it. 
cagirlintexas what's inspiring you to wait that long? I couldn't imagine holding the news in or showing up so obviously pregnant. My family would be so offended lol Hope that didn't come out judgey, I don't mean it to be. I'm just curious what your thought/reasoning is behind it =)
Often. Especially when both my husband and daughter are asleep. Although I'm way too exhausted by midnight to stay up any longer if I wanted to. Even more now that I'm pregnant.  I'll fall asleep typing after a certain point. So I end up with 7-8 hours anyways. I always think I'd be so much more rested if I didn't, but the last few times I've decided to go to bed on time I end up awake before my daughter and that's just annoying because she usually nurses that hour before...
camerahappymom I'm 100% sure that every one agrees that it's worth it. She did not say it wasn't worth it. She feels like she is useless and completely unproductive during pregnancy and wastes 9 months of her life because she is so miserable. You can't change how you feel about something because someone else will be offended by your thoughts. And I don't think it's fair that she should have to suffer alone without any support because it's unpleasant feelings. 
It is crazy how just a few pregnancy pounds completely changes your shape! I've lost around 5-10 pounds during my pregnancy so far and I've put back on around 3-5. So I'm still below my prepreg weight but I have a decent bulge on my stomach where I was nearly flat. Not super skinny, but the muscles kept it relatively flat. I look pregnant and I'm 11 weeks
The studies I've read say there is some chance of cell damage. Dopplers are something like 3 times as strong as a visual ultrasound. I still think there needs to be more research done. But that's exactly the reason to show caution using them. We don't fully know their effects.   That is such a horrible thing to go through. Do you know what caused such late losses? I think given your situation,the reassurance would keep your stress level down and outweigh the risks (we...
YES. Those are direct characteristics of someone with antisocial disorder (aka sociopath) too. That con artist ability. But at this point I don't think anyone believes my moms lies, we just don't know what SHE believes is the truth or if she even realizes that she's lying. 
I would do a big reveal at the birthday! I really wanted to do that with this pregnancy but I succeeded a month too early ;) My daughters birthday isn't until April 21st and I'll be 18-19 weeks at her party!   I think it'd be fun and not just a way to avoid telling your mom privately. 
Goodness. I have a lot of those issues with a few family members (mainly in laws) but they're not so caustic. We also live extraordinarily closer to my grandparent inlaws, MIL, and SIL. It's also hard because I'm so different from them. I'm natural minded living with 21st century research that's updated every day and they're mostly only go off what they experienced with their children. For my grandmother in law, that means she has no respect or understanding for why i...
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