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I voted weekly only because I thought it was for both together.  I normally eat some form of beans and/or rice daily, sometimes every other day if I am sick of them.
I really liked the books.  Maybe I didn't use everything but it was inspiring to read.
It's nice to see people posting!  We are doing well.   We do BLW too.  Not really for any reason other than that I am lazy, lol.  It's so much easier to go with the flow!  Dd has tried a bunch of random stuff (bananas, peas, carrots...), she's not a huge fan of actually eating anything though.  I did buy some Baby Mum Mums the other day and she loved those darn things.  I feel a tad guilty as they have some sugar and salt...   And dd has seven teeth!  We were...
I'm so sorry.  It just breaks my heart that you are going through this.    The what-ifs will always eat away at you, so try to be gentle with yourself.  After my dd was stillborn years ago, it's like I had to relive in my mind over and over that last day to see if I would have done anything different.  And you know, we all do the best we can as mothers.  I kept thinking of 'this thing' and 'that thing' I would have done differently and in reality, I did the best I...
I'd like to try this out this year.  Here's to 2011!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, tippy. Baby J
I sent my request too, initials AP.
I'm so sorry.
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