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Thanks for the great tips.  Your comment aidenn about continuous fetal monitoring reminded me.  This particular doula doesn't usually work in my hospital but said she is willing to.  So she isnt' familiar with their policies in all likelihood, however, my sister works at the hospital.   I have asked my sister to find out the policy on the fetal monitoring, but what are other policies I might want to know about so I can share this information with the doula if I pick...
Just wondering for those of you have found a doula or have used a doula in the past, any particular questions I should ask?   I am interviewing a doula this weekend.  I am planning on a hospital birth but want a doula with me to help me focus and assist in as low intervention a birth as possible.
I don't feel Facebook ready.  I don't know if I even want to announce on Facebook, just cause I would rather tell people myself.  But telling people at work felt good especially because I see these people all the time and it was difficult hiding the fact that I have been so ill.  I miscarried at 5 weeks so we were a bit hesitant to tell as well, but doctor said 12 weeks was good.  
I just told work and couldn't believe how excited everyone was.  One lady even teared up a bit.  My boss already knew, but everyone else was thrilled.  Luckily I work at a very family friendly company so they love this.  Also, there have been quite a few deaths of family members in the last year (people's adult children, brothers etc) so it has been very sad.  I think everyone is excited to celebrate something happy.   I am so happy to be 12 weeks so i feel like I...
Thanks Ladies.  This seems much more speed. 
Hi everyone,   I hope you don't mind me joining you guys.  I was in another due date club on another site, but my sister mentioned this site to me today and this seems like much more my speed.   I am 12 weeks pregnant as of today and due on September 20th.    Looking forward to getting to know all of you.
New Posts  All Forums: