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Definitely, swissmiss. My 5 year old seems to charge at my belly! And he presses on it as he talks to me. It's very irritating!! He's always been a little *handsy* though. He used to drive me mad when I would nurse him as he wanted to tweak my other nipple, lol, or squeeze my armpit. I need to teach that kid about personal space!! Now I'm nursing my 2 year old and finding it difficult to get a comfy position with the bump in the way. It's definitely a tender area now.
Thanks, jennyanddots. I bought it in Laura Ashley. They have the most fantastic wallpaper. I use it sparingly to keep the cost down because it can work out a little pricey otherwise.
Here's an updated pic, nearly 19 weeks.
The tiredness should improve for you, but for me it never completely goes. I always hit a wall in the afternoon and I'm still not up to par on the housework. I did get there on my other pregnancies, so I'm really counting on it happening again this time!! Hang in there, vc!!
I hate maternity clothes, every pair of maternity jeans I've ever worn pretty much sucked. I give up on it, I manage to find normal clothes that works. Sooooo happy that leggings are the trend now, I'm living in them with short dresses on top. Amanda, I'm gaining weight at a similar rate to you, and also find my ass is bearing the brunt of that weight gain!!
My belly is really growing, the nausea is lifting, and I am starting to feel like a beautiful glowing pregnant woman. My hair is starting to look shiny and thick, my skin is finally improving. I am entering that amazing middle stage of pregnancy. 😊 I am tired, but I feel so feminine and confident all of a sudden. I'm going to enjoy this while I can, because next stop is whaleville!!
Thank you, SuzieSmiles, and the very best of luck to you today!!!
I finally had my first scan today. I was very nervous going in because this baby has been so much quieter than the others. I could feel the kicks on the outside with the others at this stage, so I've been very worried. I found out the reason why, the placenta is in the front but high, it's blocking lots of movement. I guess I've been lucky to feel anything at all, and to feel anything as early as I did as well. It was Nice to get a reason behind my "quiet" baby. The...
Tillymonster, I'm still nursing too, and the last two nights it was very sore which has me torn on what to do. She's only having a feed before bed to get her to sleep. I'm planning on getting her room sorted soon and transferring her from my bed to her own, I'm thinking we will probably stop nursing then, it's slowly happening as it is. One night recently she grabbed a pillow and blanket, made a bed on the floor of our living room, and fell asleep. :-) I'll miss nursing...
It's so normal and wonderful and perfect!! Mine were always like that, now number 5 is sooo quiet! I miss the reassuring feeling of constant kicks. Enjoy it. It gets insane in the end!! Good insane. :-)
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