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I have to give you kudos on this post.  I know so many who would run to a big box store, buy up whatever, throw it on a credit card and never look back.  Your careful thought and observation is going to ensure that not only will your kids have a great, meaningful holiday full of wonderful things (including YOU!), but what a terrific example you are setting for them; think ahead, don't live above your means, work with what you have, and above all else care about those close...
Thanks so much for the replies!  I was thinking that I might be overreacting for not wanting to go back (I certainly have some anger over the situation!), but I'm glad to hear that this is what you thought as well.  Thanks too for the thinking outside-of-the-box ideas, I'll definitely look into them.  I wish I could tell you with some degree of accuracy what happened to my baby/babies while they were at that center, but the day we decided to yank them both, and quick, we...
Hi Everyone,   We are coming off a huge upheaval that I'm glad to be on the downside of.  We were having terrible problems with my son's center based day care and late last year we had to abruptly take him out.  The care providers told me that they weren't being honest about what was happening with him every day, and it was very clear through pictures and interaction that they hated him.  This is my first child so I'm learning just how cruel adults can be to...
Well said, I am soooooo with you!!!
Thank you everyone for being so honest! I have been trying to gage this for so long and have been beating myself up for months because I kept trying to feed our family of 4 for $400/month, missing the goal every time! I wondered what was wrong with me.
Ha! Congrats to you!
Ha! Funny you should ask! I set up a few things for them to do with the kids; dropped the little one in MILs lap, had her play a board game with the oldest. Shortest. Visit. Ever.
Hi everyone,   My son is turning 4 this February, and I'm worried about his pacifier use.  He has it for bed only, and on a rare occasion that he's upset he'll put it in his mouth.  He doesn't use it outside of his room, and nobody aside from those of us who see him at night are even aware of his use.  I thought that he would eventually taper off the usage, and most of the time in the night the pacifier will fall out of his mouth, so we figured this gradual change was...
Thank you everyone! This is just the kick in the rear I needed. My house, my kids, disrespect not permitted! I'll have to take the bull by the horns and control the situation more. And if they don't like it they can always leave!
The best advice I got was from the strictest nurse on the maternity ward. "Trust your instincts" she'd said. I had spent 32 years second guessing myself, right up to that moment. Thanks Sgt Pat!
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