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Discuss your experiences with regular perineum massge to increase vaginal and perineal elasticity before birth.
+Megadose Vitamin E + Iodide +3 month raw food diet cleanse with coffee enemas
also...   +megadose liposomal encapsulated vitamin C +nano colloidal silver +Hoxley cure   All the cures I have mentioned are completely safe, naturally occuring substances beneficial for you AND baby.   DMSO, a natural chemical derived from wood pulp, can be used in tandem with several of these cures for its unparalleled ability to cross the skin/blood barrier to allow treatments to be absorbed more directly where needed.    And remember, the number...
[censored]   edited to reduce infammation.
What exactly are we discussing here? We do not like for people to categorize or patronize our little ones because of their unique coloring and features, yet those very things seem to be the only topics discussed here   culture sharing? Fave traditional recipes? Ethnic names?
I am a yoga instructor and practitioner (vinyasa, Hatha, hot, and prenatal). Hot yoga is actually very safe and healing under normal circumstances (without child) with a knowledgeable guide. I could provide several first hand anecdotes of seemingly miraculous  rehabilitations as a result of regular hot yoga practice.   BUT   During pregnancy I would agree with the general consensus among experienced instructors to avoid the HOT aspect of the yoga. If you live in...
CANCER IS CURABLE!!! (& chemo/radiation kill more people than they cure)    The following are just a few proven cancer cures (much to the American Cancer Society's chagrin...)   MMS also known as sodium chlorite  Black cumin seed oil hemp/cannabis oil sodium bicarbonate  the Gerson therapy ozone therapy   watch "run from the cure" and "the Gerson miracle" on topdocumentaryfilms . com
 bmcneal...that website is brilliant.
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