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children wd never be reomved for jst a smack- but at present its incredibley difficult to remove them at all- often all that can be prooved is smacking, and the parents are protected- there are currently 1+ children killed each wk by their parents in the uk, almost all of whom are known to ss first and yet not removed because they can only proove reasonable pyhsical punsihement- change the law and these childrens lives are more likely to be saved
being scottish i dont think i cd know v much compared to a us citizen re how corporal punishment is used in schools- but i do know that legaly it has to be recored.  i know theres been bills to change these laws- but alot like the many proposed changes to uk law there nothing really happens.  while we dont use corporal punishment as such in uk schools there are many settings where restraints are used (residentials, secure units etc) and whilst they are supposed to be...
http://nospank.net/a-adams.htm   2010
http://www.nospank.net/patton2.htm   the figures here are 2008
http://nospank.net/nlga.htm this is dated 2011- so i guess as an offical letter the data will be relatively up to date
http://www.nospank.net/n-u53.htm   the data in this is 2006/07
i know corporal punishment is illegal in uk schools- i said in the us
i was a gifted child, albiet one whose iq plain was v up and down due to adhd, but still in the guinuss %.   i have twin toddlers who are v highly senstive children and hit all of the ever excitablitys/over sesntivitys that are common for gifted kids and as they've hit alot of milestones early (and some not) i think the likelyhood is they are gifted kids   id really be interested in hearing others experiences, they are v spirited kids and super intense.  i am...
the uk are jst as backward when it comes to changing this law dispite the campaigns involved   i do find it strange though that when it comes to discussions revolvin around school shootings that corproal punishment in us schools isnt the first thing on the agenda. id love to see a study of the states where this is used and if it corrolates to school shooting occurances
i dont like the language involved- difficult, hard etc- these arnt words id use to describe my super intensive super highly sesntive full of life girls.  i dont like her statements of not allways consitant, not allways demanding respect- to be being consistant or demanding respect arnt compatabile with parenting to me- respect is something i give them and hope to earn from them, consitancy goes out the window in favour of treating them as individuals who have individual...
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