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Hello, Can someone tell me where I would get a vaccination exemption form in Tangipahoa parish? Or who I need to call? I'm not sure how or where to start, but my daughter is starting pre-K next school year & I'm going to have to get one. She hasn't had any vaccinations since she was 1 year old. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Have a great day.
I really enjoy seeing everyone's photos, so I'd like to share my babies with y'all. My one and only son, my oldest babe. Teaching him how to drive, he'll be 17 next month. Our older girls clowning around. They are like 2 peas in a pod. And Little Miss Lil. She will be 4 months on the 4th. I swear time flies. I wish I could just pause this time & keep it forever. ❤
Awww beans...hugs honey! It will be ok. I'm still here too. I thought everyone left here for a Facebook group...am I right or did I just imagine that? Anyway, we're doing pretty good. Lillian has finally past the colic phase. Man that was a rough 3 months!! This girl would scream for hours on end, nothing I did helped. But now she's the smiliest, most giggly little love bug ever. I just had to show her off. Our middle dd turned 4 a few weeks ago, she's a terrific...
I wish you the best, & will keep you in my prayers.
She loves her boobies!
Beautiful pic abk. Breastfeeding is going great here too. I've been on the elimination diet for 3 weeks or so, but haven't noticed a difference in the gas/fussiness. She still has those bad evenings where she will cry for 2-3 hours, but they're getting farther apart. She's having more "happy time" these days. I'm actually able to place her in the bouncy seat for me to take a shower! This is huge for us, because she normally won't let me put her down. Small victories!
I visit another baby board where there was a vaccination thread going. I simply asked a question & got all kinds of BS in response. :/ Are you ladies vaccinating? Delayed or alternative schedule perhaps? I've never seen anything get ugly here, but I'm going to save my response for a bit. I do not want to feel attacked again.
Sex? What's that? I just got a text from dh. It says "I need some sex tonight baby. Please?" LoL We've done it twice since she's been born. It wasn't painful (had a section) but my problem is I'm so freaking tired from caring for a colicky baby all day, & she literally will not sleep unless she's being held, or can feel my body right next to her. How am I supposed to have sex?!
I love this thread! It has put such a smile on my face. Here's Lillian, she's 10 weeks old now & finally seems to be getting over the worst of the colic phase, thank goodness! I love the progression of these lol. She goes from "hey, cool, Moms taking pics of me" to "OMGICANTTAKEITPICKMEUPWOMAN!" In like 10 seconds.
So I'm on an elimination diet due to Lil's excessive gas & crying. She had the green mucousy poop that's a sign of dairy sensitivity. She has a bit of a rash on her face/neck, that's moved to her ears. I don't know if its just baby acne or maybe a rash from the dairy sensitivity? I'm putting a bit of coconut oil on the dry scaly patches, which right now just seems to be her little ear lobes.
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