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I'm 13wks and 5 days. From the side, I look like I just look like I'm full. From the front, I look totally normal. I still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes just fine (size 0) with a few exceptions to the tighter pants I had. When I tell people I'm pregnant, they look at me all strange. I also had one of my girlfriends say "when I get pregnant, I want to look as good as you do!"    I'm 5'5, 108 lbs with all legs and a shorter upper body. I have a pretty slender figure so...
  You're welcome and good luck! I'll continue to post up recommendations if I find any. 
Also a first-timer here. Due Sept 26th (my dad's bday is the 25th and mine is the 15th) so this baby will bring some additional thunder to the family's September birthdays.    I'm 13 weeks this week and I can't say I'm showing yet but we're definitely excited to welcome our first baby!
  I had this same issue. I'm 13 weeks but can still fit into my regular clothes. However, I noticed that some of my pants were tight at the hips so I decided to switch over to maternity clothes. I loathe living in yoga pants or leggings. I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl and I needed a wardrobe selection that was not insanely big on me. I'm normally 5'5, 108 lbs pre-pregnancy, size 0 (I totally agree on the fake size!) - I found some success at Motherhood Maternity as they...
  Same. I'm also due late Sept so I don't mind being late to the party.    My u/s is mid-May so it's going to be a long wait.
  Thank you! Oh awesome. From my understanding, only 5% of babies come on their EDD so I'm just happy it's in the month of Sept. 
  Let's just face it: September is an awesome month. 
  Thank you! Congrats to you also! Oh wow, yeah Sept 25th is my dad's bday. Either way, I'm just happy I'll have a September baby to join in celebrating bdays with me. 
We've already agreed on a name for a girl and one for a boy. My fiance is a 5th generation, 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Chinese. I am mostly Vietnamese with a slight pinch of Chinese and French. Both of us were born and raised here in the SF Bay Area (California).   English is the only language his family speaks and mine is bi-lingual as my parents and family were immigrants. We are planning to have an American (English) first name, Vietnamese middle-name and a his Japanese...
I'm a part of this club as well. I missed 5 days of my BCP after 13 years of being on... That's all it took! This was a surprise pregnancy. 
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