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Yes everything gives me heartburn!! Grrr! But pineapples are cold are juicy and hit the spot! Oh and the sweetness is perfect! I've taken to buying and drinking just the juice as well! And bone growth? Very interesting, hoping for a boy this time and maybe he wants to be strong lol idk
My 3 year olds name is Reann Jolee Morris. Don't know gender of baby 2 yet. Thinking Rian for boy or Renay Jolene for girl. If boy I still need a middle name with an S
No movement yet. Baby number 2 and 19 weeks. With first was around 24 weeks.
Pineapples!! Can't get enough
New to group! 8.10.13! Baby number 2! Won't know the gender for two more weeks!! 18w4d
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