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I just joined here yesterday and am just getting used to how it all works. I joined FlyLady about 3 weeks ago and I really like most of what she says. I do make it fit my lifestyle but my house is so much neater and organized since I have joined. I just bought her book so I can keep up doing what I want without needing to really go to the website. My son Cole has his own morning and before bed routines and he does them without even a little complaint. He also happily...
Thank you ladies!
enchanted, I love working with kids. I knew form a very young age that I wanted to make my career something that had me working with children. My mom and grandmom were both teachers, so they too enjoyed children. It's also great because I am able to be here for my son. I have been a single mom since my ex husband left me when I was 3 months pregnant with Cole, so I have to work.
Thank you everyone for the welcome!!!
I recently signed up with FlyLady and was looking to see if there was a forum here to share some support.
My name is Jean and I am the proud mama to Cole. Cole is six years old and is in the 1st grade. I am a nanny school graduate and after 7 years of nannying opened up my Family daycare. I have been running the Family Daycare for 8+ years and prior to nanny school I was the neighborhood babysitter for 7 years. I look forward to meeting everyone here!!!
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