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My ds is Ras Ashai!
My 9 y/o ds some days smells like a grown man who has worked in a pigpen all day...we tried a bunch of different deodorants and settled on the adidas brand a pp mentioned....it works...enough said
Son's name: Ras Ashai
I use delicious and diigo...for work (teacher) and personal
I love the guided meditation and the metaphysical lesson each week....ok I don't make it every week, but when I do go....
Asbury Park, NJ
I am a middle school teacher and I use google calendar, it syncs with my phone.
I had it written into my custody agreement that I can travel abroad for vacation purposes only. When I took my custody papers to get the passport there was no problem. My ds dad lives in another state and didn't sign the passport paperwork.
Ras Ashai
My ds is 8 and he won't address his teacher either (I'm a teacher so I understand). I have him write a note and his teacher was very receptive and told him he could even email her with his concerns. This has been very empowering for him.
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