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I vote for joke, or spam.  A little disconcerting, but I wouldn't worry about it
I was coming here to request the EXACT same thing!!!  
mamak has some great suggests. Remember that nursing is not an "all or nothing" type of thing. I would suggest continuing to nurse during certain parts of the day, maybe not during the night?
I am currently taking a course in Majority-Minority Relations and need to write a research paper on some aspect of a Majority-Minority relationship. I have chosen Nursing moms as being in the current minority. I need some guidance on where to start finding statistics and such. I'd like to address how nursing mothers ebb and flow (no pun intended!!) from the majority to the minority of the population and the causes for this. Any help on where to look is...
Quote: Originally Posted by One_Girl I wonder why there isn't more unity among researchers on this. It would make it easier to have something that many of them agree on. I have thought about this as well. Why is it ok for a child in one state and not another state? Also, when you travel through states I guess you need to look at the laws of the state you are traveling through? The studies are available equally to all states, so it does...
Thank you! Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife No, b/c even techs have chimed in saying that a belt-positioning booster can be just as safe as a 5-pt harness once a child can sit properly. And there are experts that believe that the best way to go is rear-facing into a booster b/c of the way the body moves in a crash - a 5 pt harness allows very little give, and so only the head/neck move forward. In a seat-belt, the impact on your neck/head...
I guess I just dont understand why you wouldn't keep them as safe as you know is possible. The only reason I have read on this thread is that you dont want to buckle/unbuckle them? I dont get it. I'm confused.
ok, I;ll looke more into it and post back what I find out from Britax! THANK YOU ALL!!!!
thanks, on one site it shows turbo as NOT having SIP, but Pkwy as having it. Thanks! Turbo vs. Parkway on Elite
We are deciding between the Graco Turbo and the Britax Parkway. I like the idea of the anti-sub clip, but I think my child will not like it for the duration of his time in the seat. Is it detachable? I also noticed that the Turbo seat depth is considerably deeper than the Parkway (14" on the Turbo, 11" on the Pkwy). Does this make a large difference in comfort to your child? Thanks so much, I know the Turbo vs. Parkway is a common subject, but through my...
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