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Congrats to them! I HATE the name and pray no one else copies her (ok, the truth is Archie is our 3 yr old's name and I REALLY DON'T want it to become popular!)
So far so good!
Quote: Originally Posted by milehighmonkeys If they didn't call ahead of time, I wouldn't open the door. I don't open the door for people I don't know. Period. I don't care who they are. I'm not well versed in CPS issues, but I agree with the above sentiment.
There are some science classes at East Portland Community Center and at Mt Scott Community Ctr. Those are eastside and I'm not sure where you are - also not sure if parents are welcome to stay but seems to me like there's no reason why not. There are probably some at other community ctrs too. Also at Village Home Resource Ctr there is a messy science class for 5-7 yr olds. I'm sure there is more out there too. We're signed up for one at OMSI - there is a waitlist but...
I work every friday, and grandma (my mom) is with the boys on that day. Then I also work every other sat and sun, when they are with my husband. So it averages a total of 20 hrs a week - since each shift is ten hours long. It works for us for the most part, which is good because we can't really afford for me not to work at all.
I'm not in Gresham - we're east of 205 though, does that count? Between Gateway and Mall 205, and it takes no time at all to get to Gresham from here....
We're in Portland Oregon. I haven't lived anywhere else since becoming a parent so I don't have first-hand experience to use for comparison/contrast, but we love it here and feel very free to live as we please. My understanding is that you write a letter of intent, and there is testing in 3rd and 5th grade, and not sure what happens after that. I do know a lot of people don't register and don't test. We have a pdx (means portland) unschoolers group and there is...
OOOOPS. I voted wrong. I clicked "me" instead of him. He's about 5' 10", I'm 5' 7".
Quote: Originally Posted by Verity I agree about affluent, but irrevocable has the accent on the second syllable and does not have a long o. That's the way it's pronounced in law school and in law firms. It's an "ear REV uh ca bul" trust, not an "ear rev OAK able" trust. I agree with this. As far as pecan, I have no preference and don't really seem to say it much.
We eat yogurt whenever...i suppose we consider it a healthy snack (we eat healthy yogurt) or a side item. Then again, we also like pizza for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
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