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Thanks for all the responses! I feel better just knowing its the norm...for some reason my memory regarding my last pg is so distorted, at least when it comes to the timeline of events. Now if i could just get rid of this heartburn that just started a few days ago....
I am almost 25 weeks and I feel the baby kicking and moving a lot, but its all very very low. For the life of me I can't remember from my last pregnancy (my son is almost 3) when i started feeling it all higher, near the ribs. He sat low most of the pg too, but I wonder if this low movement sensation is normal at this point. I'm curious what other mamas' experience is with this?
I used prog cream and am now a healthy 26 weeks pg!
K's Mom, I'm in sort of the same boat although maybe to a lesser extent. My little boy is on antiobiotics for walking pneumonia and now i'm hacking and coughing up yucky stuff. Since i'm pg I'm worried this can harm the baby too. I already had to take amoxicillan for a week for a horrific sinus infection - i sure don't want to do it again if i can help it. I hope you feel better - I don't have advice, just commiseration.
I was the opposite. With our first we told everyone immediately. With this pregnancy we waited until almost the end of the first trimester to tell family, and after that to tell friends. It was mainly because we just wanted it to be "ours" for a while. And also, telling everyone so soon last time made my pregnancy seem to last forever. This way I'm already several months into it and for some reason that makes it seem shorter to me. I know that makes no sense.
July 23 2005
I have two close friends who were told this too during their pregnancies. Their babies are perfectly healthy and lovely!
I voted "one" and also "other"....i have one and another on the way.
i told my best friend, who lives in another state, right away. My mom guessed when i was about 7 weeks. We didn't tell the rest of our family until 11 weeks. Today i am 12 weeks and am telling the world! With our first we told everyone right away. For a variety of reasons we chose to wait this time. To be honest, it was nice having it just be "ours" for a while.
I drink one-third of a (small) cup each morning. Its all psychological for me. I'm sure I'd feel the same physically without my puny 1/3 cup but its a little ritual for me to have some coffee in the morning. This way I don't feel deprived for some reason, and its a tiny enough amount that i don't worry about it at all. I don't drink colas ever anyway, so thats no problem.
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