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I like them all!
I voted "other" because both of my boys are both how and why.
Wow. That is upsetting. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I can see him not approving, but that level of trying to control your lives is pretty extreme. A gift shouldn't be conditional, of course. Anyhow, that sucks. I'd be upset too.
We were there - I didn't get to socialize a whole lot or meet all that many new people. I did enjoy following my boys around and just soaking it all up, and meeting the people that I did talk to! My blog is below under the mama link - my directory is being mailed to us since i didn't get it at the conference so i don't know what page we're on
We went to the Life Is Good NW Unschooling Conference and since then we've been: relaxing, celebrating Duncan's 6th birthday, reading a lot about knights, playing with playmobil knights, listening to stories on cd, and relaxing some more. D is also on an ancient egypt kick and pretends he is a boy who came here from ancient egypt in the form of a mummy who came to life. He asks a lot of questions like, "what is this slab that you eat your food on?" and "how did you...
They are all nice but I love Greta. A very close second for me is Alice.
I like both but I really like Adeline Rose!
For ds #1 it broke in the tub during labor, and for ds#2 it broke before labor.
I always had subaru wagons but now we have a VW wagon. dh won.
I tend to be a people-liker. Its the writer in me, I just really like to hear people's stories. That said, I do require massive amounts of alone time (with my kids is ok), but not due to any inherent dislike of people. Its just how i recharge. I really dig old people. When I was 4 my best friend was in her late 80's.
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