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I did when I lived in a yurt. We had no problems other than one time....which was pretty nasty. It could have been avoided - we were at the beginning of the learning curve on the whole topic. I can't remember the brand name - we added peat and turned a crank. We peed outside, which i love anyway You're making me want to live in a yurt again!
We plan to send our youngest son to preschool next year. It is two mornings a week, a couple hours long. Its very unstructured and when his big brother went there at that age he thought it was great fun. He is very energetic, VERY social, always talks about wanting to go to school, and his older melllower brother really wants him to go. This will give me a couple much-needed hours with his big brother so we can do some things that are age-approprate for him that are...
Harold and Maude The Jerk all Coen Bros movies Down By Law Willy Wonka and the Choc Factory (orginal one, w Gene Wilder) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Life of Brian, & The Holy Grail Lawrence of Arabia Annie Hall Chinatown Streetcar Named Desire (uncut) Meet the Robinsons (cartoon) Little Miss Sunshine any Eddie Izzard (stand up comedy, brilliant) The Godfather Groundhog Day Sideways Doctor Zhivago About a Boy The Age of Innocence My Neighbor...
It took most of my life to figure out what was "wrong" with me. Growing up I was textbook female ADD - I was your typical "she's very bright but doesn't meet her potential" ADD kid. Meet my potential? I didn't even know where the heck my homework was, let alone have the organization to actually do it. I lived almost entirely in my head. In a way the diagnosis was a relief but I also felt much regret and grieved over it for a while, thinking of what I could have...
Oooh! Cool - will check it out, thanks!
"Tough Boris" is a sweet story of a pirate who is very tough and his parrot dies. Even pirates cry. Its just a nice tale about having feelings. Edited to add - and I'm very sorry about your dog. It is so hard.
ds #1 is almost 6, ds #2 is only 2.5
Exciting stuff!!!
Quote: The snark in me would probably say something like Wouldn't you rather have manners? Ha! This cracked me up.
Jasmine, but I didn't know who that was until i read some of the posts.
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