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Quote: Originally Posted by meowmix We had a public school experience as I sent Trevor to K last year. He did fine in public school- he was quiet, sat well and was able to follow rules. However, it was so draining on him to be "good" all day long that by the time he came home he was a mess. An absolute mess. I suddenly had this child who I had to walk on ice around. Anything could make him melt into a tantrum, or yell at us. He was always angry, or...
Well, I don't think all the time in the world will change my belly skin back to what it was, or even close! I am thin. Perhaps too thin. But my belly skin is wrinkled and saggy beyond repair. In fact, it looked much better before I lost all the baby weight - it was a little more filled out and less wrinkly. So I guess that's my point...sometimes the post partum belly fits its new bigger skin best when you don't get too skinny. Then the skin just looks, well, you know.
Wow- I'm going to go look at it. I've been doing Bookmooch (same idea) but I'm not thrilled with the selection. Though I have sent and received a lot of books and think its a great idea!
They're usually asleep around 8:30 (they are 5 and 2). We don't push it but its fine w/me if they aren't up much later than that - I'm in school part-time and once they're alseep I can study, hang out w DH, take a bath, all the stuff I don't get to do during the day.
I was wondering the heck the term bean dip meant! I've been seeing it around and gathered that it was a technique of some sort - glad I know now
Here in Oregon we have Connections Academy virtual charter. They don't give you money though - they do send all curriculum to you free. For now I'm not interested mainly for the reasons stated already and also, I have heard that it is a LOT of busy work and leaves many parents feeling hounded. I suppose much of that depends on what style you lean toward - unschooling or very structured, etc.
Wow - looks great! We are in Portland and if I can scrape up the dough we'll go.
My son is five and has lost 5 teeth already. His baby teeth were very early, his first one fully in at one month old. He has a friend with a similar timeline, and some 5 yr old friends with one tooth out or none at all. Sounds about right to me.
I'm in PDX and we just started homeschooling! We're on the eastside but we often visit grandma in LO. The big PDX thread is huge - but I guess I'll post there eventually too.
That sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great day
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