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Hair rollers? While her hair is damp u could put them in rollers and dry it, maybe add a little product...?
HOLY quilt making Batman.. THAT is AMAZING OUT of this WORLD, AMAZING
Quote: Originally Posted by boysmom2 Thanks! I'll have to try that. Will it change the color much? I used it once and it di lighten the sheets, but they wer a brown, going into a tan color. I MAY have done it too long too.
Does sound satisfied, that is cute, the curiosity. You did good mama
WOW, thank you soo much. You gave me some great places to check for re search bu I am doing a little of the raw, and it is working wonders Thank you so much
Quote: Originally Posted by iamama Adorable! I've never seen 2 babies in one wrap ITA, you made it look easy too, BEAUTIFUL mama and babies
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheryl1678 I almost exclusively nurse with my left breast and my right side has pretty much dried up. They are even different sizes now. Could you be favoring one side and not realizing it? Exactly what I was thinking, I stopped using my left once we completely got the hang of things, my other about dried up and I was scared, I latched her on more to that side, it came back, slowly, and sometimes...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeminijad There is nowhere on earth that you are truly and completely safe. Nowhere. isnt that sad, and so so true?
I recently went into our local Petco in hopes t find some good shampoo tat would also be moisturizing. They asked why we were switching and I proceeded to let them know that she was itching a lot and has NO fleas, her skin was a little pink, but shampoo should ix it.?.. They told me that she was probably allergic to corn and I should switch foods instead, within 24 hours her skin was normal and no more itching. This is my first dog, I HAD NOT idea that they...
THIS is awesome, thank you from me too!! ) Quote: Originally Posted by crunchy_mama I LOVE veggie stir-fries! I like to grate a potato w/ some onion and beets!MMMM! Or for a long time I just did traditional stirfry veggies and some meat of some kind. There are always smoothies- safe milk/yogurt- fruits- nuts/seeds for protein- add in some extra oil for good fat- like coconut oil We do waffles/pancakes made w/ nut , seed or coconut flour,...
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