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Wow...I don't vaccinate, and I've been tired of the 1 in 100 "statistic" because I haven't seen where it comes from AND the MMWR doesn't reflect that statistic, at least not currently...and wow...did this thread really take a rabbit trail.... I think I have to go back through it again and comb through to see if anyone had where that stat came from...I got all distracted and worked up from later commentary.........yikes.........
Will someone explain where they are getting this information from!?! (it's from the cdc website: http://www.cdc.gov/Features/Pertussis/ )
They did an episode featuring a soon-to-be mother who was not wanting to vaccinate (but didn't seem to have done any research) and the whole point of Rosie's involvement was to convince her she was wrong.   *bangs head against a wall*
I"m looking too--I'm in the Twin Cities area--and I"d drive to WI if needed!
Exciting!  Thanks!~
Honestly, I'd seek out a La Leche League Leader!!!
Honestly, call the insurance companies yourself and work out a plan with a representative (and get a quote by yourself)--that will get you the best rates.  Blue Cross has a great customer service line!
...conscientious exemptions for school are an option here! :)  I would ask the vaccination question in the vaccine forum (whether or not to list some vaccines and the exemption, or leave out that you've given vaccines and just give the exemption)...
Well, if someone DOES get them sometime soon--let me know!
Hi Anne! ~Katie
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