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Does anyone have a gluten-free, low-sugar variety? ( Not trying to hijack, but this is exactly what I need for all the overripe bananas around here.)
Great info, everyone...thanks! Wow, I had no idea that yogurt making is SO EASY and it tastes about a million times better than store-bought stuff. I hadn't thought about replacing the plastic cups for glass ones. Excellent idea. I'm off to find some inexpensive glasses that will fit in my machine. You guys are great!
My DD and I have the same thing you describe, but she also has the bumps on her upper thighs. I agree with pp...that it's probably KP. I've often wondered about the detox connection, as I have extremely reactive skin. Now that I'm on a special, restricted diet, the bumps are almost completely gone.
Another Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry user here...
Congratulations! That's wonderful! My little girl turned 3 on April 20th. She nurses a few times a day: - when she first wakes up - around lunch time (occasionally) - before she goes to bed - 1-2X at night Like you, I had no idea we'd be going this long. All the best...
I cannot use stevia in any amount. For some reason, it doesn't agree with me.
I received an electric yogurt maker as a gift, but it doesn't have glass cups (which I would prefer for health reasons). Which type/brand of yogurt maker do you use? Are you happy with it? How much did it cost? Thanks in advance.
Quote: How about "it must be hard watching someone parenting in a way that you don't agree with". Or, "it sounds like you are doing a great job with your dc, don't worry about others. She's doing the best she can too". There were some posters who took this approach and then there were others where the snark was palpable. It's not necessary. So nicely said. It seems like there is more than one topic being discussed here: - whether it is...
I think I understand what you're saying, kawa kamuri. That makes sense to me. But I also agree with numericmama's points. Sometimes, we do need to keep our thoughts to ourselves in order to respect another's feelings or simply to keep the peace. There is also a time and place to share these thoughts, and it often happens amongst like-minded (or at least open-minded) people.
I agree with you bbrandonsmom. There is a big difference. It's a huge difference and I see it all the time, everywhere I look. I don't understand the posters who are trying to take you down for voicing your opinion. Are we not allowed to believe something is "wrong" or against our values? Are we not allowed to speak up against what we believe is harmful or detrimental to the psychology, health, and development of children? I read so much anger and defensiveness in...
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