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my partner was just diagnosed with shingles today and i'm doing my best to expose the kiddos to him. we live together so i'm guessing the chances are pretty good that they'll come down with chicken pox. i'll update the thread if/when the kids get spotty...anyone interested? (no, you can't bring your kids to rub their faces on my boyfriend's back...i already asked! )
i came here ready to ask this exact question! only on mdc... did it work? my boyfriend has shingles and i'm hoping the kiddos come down with the pox. we live together so i'm guessing that there's a good possibility.
can't believe this thread is still alive...glad it's been of some use.
adding my positive thoughts to this. this was really deeply my wish too. didn't work for us. don't let him walk all over you. and don't be scared if it doesn't turn out how you hope. but truly truly, my very best. :
Quote: Originally Posted by DanishMom Still snarky: I watched the video from thanksgiving on your blog. His family looks very nice and you - you look really beautiful. I've always wanted to tell you that. Anne : thank you anne, that means a lot. and his family is quite fantastic. i feel so comfortable around them!
hi everyone, finally caught up on all these updates. : to those who want it. to those who need it. not a ton to report here. dano has been 'officially' living here for 3 months, though it's really been closer to 10. we celebrated our one year anniversary in mid october and had a really nice dinner out. i think we'll be there again for years to come. i started picking up d2 after school two days a week which is nice for all three kiddos. we all celebrated...
i have lots of evil ideas that i won't post here... i see you've already chosen something but i'll be doing something like christmas cookies that the kids decorated or something along those lines. nothing that costs me anything. of course, i'll let the kids help pick something out that's from them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ione For me, it's simple. This whole thing makes you uncomfortable. (It doesn't matter why.) So, don't continue it. You are uncomfortable for some reason, and by your own account are trying to force yourself into something that makes you uncomfortable for some reason. : if you're uncomfortable, you're uncomfortable. no harm, no foul. i'd be more aware of this than the 'i love you' thing. i guess it doesn't really...
ex only sees the kids 3-8 hours a week and has no overnights. this is what i typically send: carseats - he must uninstall and reinstall them...he used to leave them on my porch but since he refuses to buy his own, it's HIS job. jackets - to my knowledge he has NO clothes for the kids at his house food - ex is an uninformed vegan and can't undertand why our (omnivourous) children come home starving after a dinner of corn and a side of peas. so yeah, i'm starting to...
let me know if you need anything amy.
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