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  I put this on facebook :)
I believe my due date is Dec. 22nd.   We are expecting our 4th.   Our first 3 will be 10, 8, and 6 so we've got quite the age gap this time around.  We've been TTC for 4 years so this was a happy suprise... kinda gave up about 2 years ago.     I'll be 30 when the baby arrives.  Our first 2 were natural hospital births and our last was a homebirth.  Planning on another homebirth this time around. :)  Considering an unassisted birth, but will most likely use a midwife.
We've decided on legos for sure. Those can become anything! And some small dolls and animals to use for various things as well. Crayons, pencils, papers, and books are a given and what they usually play with anyway to be honest.
can I join? Our house goes on the market Monday. The market is still pretty decent here in central texas but who knows if it will sell at a decent pace or not. Our plans are to sell everything and move to belize so I think we're going to go ahead and start listing stuff for sale tomorrow.. we might end up with beds, some clothes, books, a few toys, and some camp chairs before we leave if it takes a long time to sell the house LOL
nope LOL. However, while we would be planting a garden (which I do have experience in) for our own personal food the "farming" comes in with the citrus farm. For that you hire a worker by the day (and usually build them a small house to live in) and they do the harvesting. It would certainly be a learn as you go experience. We have managed to become debt free here and have a pretty good savings put up.. enough to live for several years down there (since the cost of...
there's just always something KWIM?.. you can do solar power, dig a well for water, do away with phone bills but you still have obligations (insurance, etc..) And we could try to do this here but America just isn't set up for the simple lifestyle we crave KWIM? Plus, if it all fails we'll just sell our citrus farm and move back.. and we will have learned many new things, experienced something new, and had some good life lessons along the way.
We are so excited and nervous LOL. We're just selling almost everything we own and starting over. For a variety of reasons. 1- we are fed up with the government here 2- we might be paronid but we are worried about the way the economy here is going 3- belize is gorgeous LOL 4- we crave a simpler lifestyle.. not matter how much you try here you are always on the grid. SO.. we are just leaving it. starting over in a simpler quieter way.
I sent them an email last night. We wont' be leaving until our house sells and then we might send my husband ahead to buy the land, a 4x4 truck, and get a small house set up on the property.. that only takes about a month. Hopefully with a few months notice we'll get to see each other often and ease into the leaving a bit. We plan to come back for at least a week a year and hope they visit us as well. Plane tickets are quite cheap and the area is GORGEOUS so maybe we...
What would they be? We are moving to Belize as soon as our home sells.. We won't be bringing much with us and will be living in a very small home. I need toy ideas! The girls love to dress up so I'm thinking playsilks will be great.. those take up almost no space in luggage. What else? I've got a 7 year old girl, a 4 year old girl, and a 2 year old boy.. and we hope to have more kiddos. What would you bring in our situation?
My husband and I have made the decision to move to belize (currently in waco, tx) Our home goes on the market monday morning and we hope to price it to sell quickly (somehow the housing market is still good in central texas) Which means we could be in belize in a month or two. We need to start selling everything we own and such so I need to break the news to my parents. I have no CLUE how to do this. Up until 4 months ago we were very very close.. saw each other 3...
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