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 I understand! It would be a significant gamble. Having a very basic or catastrophic coverage is something I need to look into. (Sorry you had to go through that! :( ) The bronze is what I need to look into if I'm going to look at all. I would really prefer paying a dr than an insurance company, too. Lots to consider...
 Thanks, IowaMom!Yes, I have looked into two health sharing ministries and understand they won't cover pre-existing conditions, but really,my chronic health issues would be better if I was using alternative methods of healing anyway.I definitely like the idea of a sharing ministry vs dumping money into the very deep pockets of insurance companies.I suppose I want that safety net, but not if its going to break the bank.Ideally, we would dump our current insurance, have...
We are a one income family; dh makes between $37,000-$47,000 per year. He is paid hourly and has horrible benefits. He gets paid every other week, and out of each check just over $700 is taken out for very poor health insurance. (No dental, optical, chiro, mental..) A regular dr co-pay is $50 and a specialist is $75. High deductible, too.   I have a handful of chronic illnesses, but most of them I treat with alternative methods-or would like to if we had the money. Our...
You made such a HUGE impact on our early years of homeschooling. I always wanted to come back to say, THANK YOU!!
You make a very good, valid point, in addition to it being plain common sense.   I didn't realize my concerns were a "North American" preoccupation. Not sure why exactly I felt the need to even ask; perhaps because years ago when my dc were quite young, I'd read some nasty stories about "what if" situations.   Never hurts to ask, and I appreciate your educational reply.
Over at Homeschool Reviews there are both good and bad reviews. If I remember correctly, the bad reviews had more to do with the program's poor communication with parents, maybe regarding transcript work. (?)     Here is a link to those reviews.   HTH.
Well, my dc never had the "normal" well-child visits to the dr, because I knew they were already "well."   It's been years since I last visited a ped, and ever since, I've been in search for just a GP I can tolerate.   Our ds is very introverted, so I highly doubt he would be open to such a discussion with someone new.   Okay-now I'm back to being worried. Or, anxious is probably the right word.   Kicking myself for not addressing this even a year ago....
Thanks for sharing her website! It still looks exactly the same, except it now has even WAY more awesome info! LOVE!
Yes, that is her! Thank you so much!   Oh my goodness, her wisdom about educating dc was SO wonderful. Now that I have nieces who are interested in educating off the beaten path, I'm gathering info and Lillian's will be so helpful.   Made my day!   page  
Well, okay then. I was thinking if there had been any difference or problem/issue, that he'd tell us.   I'll leave the smelly, puberty talk to dh, but I'll pick up some books about his changing body, for good measure.   Thanks! And if anyone else has something to add, I'm all ears.   page
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