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*****Dude, maybe it's because you started out by trashing people who don't care, and then have managed to extrapolate what kind of clothes people wear to their houses and moral character.***** hmmm ok dude well i did not start by trashing anyone, i voiced my OPINION and was trashed. So that said i was just sharing my opinion to a post. Why don't you go back and read the entire thread before jumping on me DUDE Anyhow i asked my hubby about this this am just to...
i have gotten all mine from here. They are so nice, i love them.Reasonably priced to i think. http://www.mommyslittlesweetie.com/
I love the wipes to!!! My collection has grown so much from the WAHMamas. I do so love the little thank you notes though to. Shows the mamas take time to personalize it abit. those are the mamas i stay with..
I have 2, i lovethem. We live in arizona & it is hot here!! I have no issues since it is more breathable then PUl. I've had people ask & i tell them that i would rather my babies be in breathable wool then sposies!!!
Your birth story & pics were jsut beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. how another board can view that as offensive is unimaginable. birth is initself the most beautiful thing imaginable & to be able to share the exp. with someone even just threw pics was a gift. Thank you so much!!
Great to have you here. I agree, this place is great for advice, etc & just plain old chit chat!!
Anyone have any websites i could visit?? For whatever reason my web searches are not coming up with anything good.. TIA
I never knew their were names for this type of thing. I have always had issues with this but never knew anything. I am gonig to go do some web research on this. FWIW, i was abused sexually as a child by my father & as an adult by my first husband. i am also very stressed & i actually have gone on medication over it all.
Quote: Originally Posted by phathui5 And what would you do if he picked "neither."? want my honest answer to that one?? if he decied to pick neither i would tell him don't let the door hit him on the a** as he is leaving. And my hubby likes the fact i care so much for his appearance. My hubby is a very good looking man who happens to be a cop & a body builder... { are they still called that these days?} But my dh knows how much i love...
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride simply me: If you and your husband have an agreement about these things, that's a completely different situation, although I have to admit that I find the remark about "letting" him look lomeless very unsettling. The OP said she thinks her husband has an emotional attachment to these clothes Yes agreeements are different. you are correct. But still, unsellting to me is seeing people walking around...
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