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@Alivewithyouwhy is it that our family is always the ones to hurt us? And people wonder why people are messed up. They are supposed to be our support!!
Library is always fun too!
Yyou would think I have it all down by now but I forget stuff lol and every pregnancy different. I probably get my morning sickness around 6-8 weeks? I really don't remember I just know I have never gotten it at 4 weeks around testing time. The tiredness always seeps in right away though. I have begun my daily pregnancy naps. My DD is in school and my DS still naps about 2-3 hrs mid-day so I'm lucky I can nap.
Wow your morning sickness has come early! That's good high hormones.
Can you move me to BFP for April thank you!
Thank you
Thank you!!
No morning sickness yet! I'm only about 4.5 weeks, tiny but of cramps. The tiredness has kicked in though! I think between pregnancy and waking with DS to nurse I must take a mid day nap to survive! I always take naps while pregnant though!!
@dmariev so happy everything's looking good! @innacircle I'm definitely not as in shape as you! I'm average weight. Could loose 10 lbs or so but not overweight! I never really show until I'm about 5 months! I think you are really going to start popping soon. @@badwolf092087sorry about your rude MIL. I have one of those as well lol AFM: no nausea yet! This is my 4th pregnancy. I always get nausea but have never thrown up. Last pregnancy with DS I was sick all the time! I...
How is everyone? Naz have you reconciled things? I prayed for you. Lil how are you feeling?
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