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That's awful! My son is also diagnosed ADHD and developed social anxiety problems in school. School left him thinking he was dumb too, which really bothered me because he's a smart kid. We took him out to homeschool when he was in third grade. He still spent time with kids, but in smaller, more controlled groups and - for whatever reason- there wasn't much bullying in the groups we joined. He's 15 now and has blossomed into a strong, happy, confident kid (who is very...
My son is 15 and being horrible lately too. He isn't punching holes is the walls, but he did do that for years. And we live in a very old house with thick, plaster walls! He called me a b**** the other day and it wasn't the first time. That was it. I told him I was done. He could make his own dinner, wash his own clothes, go to school (we homeschool) and find someone else to talk to when he has a problem because I'm done. I meant it too. Everytime he asks me to do...
It's lovely. You came up with a name that sounds old fashioned, unusual and new all at the same time. I'm always surprised when people tell others what to name (or not name) their kids. Why in the world do they think it's there place?
Thank you all for your advice. After treating it yesterday, there is no more pus under the pock and it no longer looks infected. The rest of her pox look fine (gross and itchy, but fine), so we're skipping the antibiotic. Thanks for helping out a tired, worried mama!
http://xe4.xanga.com/cc5c51630753317...s136068082.jpg What you can't see in that pic is that there's a lighter pink ring around it. This is after a warm compress, bath soak and then Neosporin ointment. edited I can't figure out how to post a pic, so here's a link to one.
Won't tea tree oil sting?
Well, I can't get her to take the antibiotic (she says it smells and tastes like ear wax) so I'm trying your suggestion, but it's hard to get it cleaned out. She gets really upset when I touch it. I've got her in an oatmeal bath right now, so maybe that will soften it up enough for it to drain.
My daughter has chicken pox and one of the sores has become infected. I'm going to take her over to the clinic down the street when they open in a half hour to get an antibiotic. My son had chicken pox years ago and none of his got infected. I'm always worrying about the worst case scenario seeing that infected sore really scared me. Has this ever happened to anyone here? Any advice? Thanks
Sounds like they're hungry. Are they allowed to snack? They're getting old enough to sneak all kinds of crappy foods at school or from friends. It might be better to let them have more foods they like at home so junk won't be so alluring.
My fifteen year old has been planing his tattoos since he was four years old. He's still got plenty of time to plan because we've told him we won't give him our consent. He'll have to wait until he's 18. My husband has tattoos and is supportive of our son getting them (while I like tattoos, something about my babies doing something permanent to their beautiful skin bother me) but we've seen my son him get embarrassed over what he listed as likes on his myspace page less...
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