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mine does that, like shes trying to put the whole thing in her mouth.Ari w daddy
about a week after having the baby I was at pre pregnancy weight, now 2 months pp I am about ten lbs up and I'm finding it really hard to be positive.  I know I look awful I'm pudgier then I have ever been even when I was at this weight before.  I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I thought that would help me lose weight... guess not :(  If it wasn't for my beautiful baby girl Id be really depressed. 
Thank you all so much for the nice comments and support, she definitely has her daddy's eyebrows!
I was 41 weeks when I had her, due date was the 5th. I was in labor for about 14 1/2 hrs. Thank you for all the kind words! 
My little Ari made her debut this this morning 9/13 at 630.  I felt a gush thurs at 3p which turned out to be my mucus plug and about an hour later I was in full blown labor.  My labor was intense from the beginning so I assumed it would go quickly but sadly I was wrong.  Contractions were 1 1/2 to 2 min from the get go and as I progressed it was common for them to be one right after another towards the end it was like 3 in a row.  At about 545a my body took over and...
was due on the 5th
 Exact same scenario with me except I'm 6 days over estimated date. I'm pretty sure I started loosing mucus plug last night after sex and this morning. I had contractions last night but today not much.  The thought did cross my mind of 9/11 not being a good date, but I just really want to hold my baby.  I also have been feeling a bit sick to my stomach since last night so I really hope I go into labor soon.  
Chispita:  you always look so cute! I think that every time I see your photos :)   excuse the nasty mirror 40w4d
The past few nights its been all about labor for me. I dreamt a few night back that I lost my mucus plug, then the next night that I was fully dilated an ready to deliver the baby and again I dreamt about having the baby last night.  Today my friend/doula told me she dreamt last night that I lost my mucus plug.  I really just can't wait, I'm very excited.
anyone else feeling just kinda crappy? I'm 40 weeks 3days and since yesterday I'm feeling a bit nauseous and sometimes lightheadedish, today I awoke with a headache which hasn't been common for me since the start of allergy season.  I've been drinking plenty of water and last night I was told to eat protein which I did and I still just feel a little bit off. I also noticed my nose was stuffy last night and I had to get up and blow it.  I'm hoping this is a labor sign. 
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