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I've heard that being on your back is a no, but I like the standing side crunches.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWab25kb6xM       Here's a video of side crunches while pregnant.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igCKREyZPGU     This is what I usually do. I use 3 lb dumbbells.    I'm not into hard core ab workouts I think that's not a good idea but standing crunches feel like nothing and Ive stopped doing them cuz it feels pointless and feels awkward....
Don't know what I'm having but I've definitley noticed faster growing longer hairs on my legs. My legs have never been too hairy but I feel like I have to shave more often and that the hairs when grown are much more noticeable. I used to be able to get a way for not shaving for a while without really being able to see them.  Also my tummy is so hairy and around my belly button I have these long hairs that seem to be growing at triple speed. I shave them and a few days...
I like listening to the dreams some of them are quite weird!   last night or this morning I dreamt that I had two babies like twins except one was much bigger than then the other. I was trying to breast feed one and change and care for them while many people were around putting in their two sense and advice and it was all making me feel very overwhelmed. I had the feeling that if I didn't do well in their sight they would say I was not fit to take care of my...
during the beginning of pregnancy I kept having yeast infections which I eventually gave to my hubs. We both used apple cider vinegar to treat it which works. You can also use coconut oil for itch and irritation. At the first sign of a yeast infection (if its external irritation labia minora area) I use a small dab of tea tree oil which works very well, Otherwise I place watered down apple cider vin in a spray bottle and spray down there while showering. 
I had a sore throat for a while around the 2nd month, I'm now almost 22 weeks and have a random sore throat that doesn't seem tied to a cold.. anyone else?  
so I've been looking into abdominal workouts while pregnant, I wasn't aware that it is safe to do some abdominal work while pregnant, but now understand that many forms are as long as you are not laying flat on your back. I purchased some light dumbbells and have started doing standing side abdominal work as well as some standing crunches. Has anyone else tried any abdominal work?  
This is my first child and I've been learning about the importance of breastfeeding and early bonding so I believe that's why I'm stressing. Also just really wanting to be a good mommy :)  
Hi Georgia! Can I ask your starting weight? I only ask because you said you were advised not to gain any weight or to stay around 10 lbs, and I'm just curious.  Walking is great and can be a simple daily routine to get into.  I'm concerned about this stage as well in terms of weight gain. I'm 21 weeks. Ive done a good job so far of losing weight in the beginning and now maintaining so I hope I can keep it up towards the final trimester.   
  wow I had a dream just like that where I was being kept from the baby, and I was upset because I lost my chance to breastfeed and bond with the baby. 
I'm glad you found my post helpful! I guess in some ways I'm just really stubborn which can be good and bad.   I am 21 weeks tmrw :)  I walked about 2 1/2 miles yesterday and it felt really good! I woke up today weighing a pound less than I thought so hey if working out can keep my weight gain at bay then I'm happy.  Not to say that I will resist healthy weight gain thats necessary for baby but I feel I'm eating well and so if I'm not gaining I'm alright with...
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