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subbing... just came looking for this info.
I am going crazy trying to homeschool my 8 and 7 year olds with a 2 yo in the mix.   2yo is into everything... or has to potty... or eat... or falls down... or breaks, tears book pages, or looses pieces to various toys/puzzles while I am distracted by working with the girls.   He isn't awful- just a 2 yo.   Sorry. No solutions offered up right now.
Not sure how to tell how old this thread is....     We are starting Vol. 2 Would love to add in some movies or videos to go along.
vent all you need. sending you all love, healing, comfort, and many prayers.
Thanks. Another idea is to go for a MSW since my undergrad is in SW but again, jobs may still prefer RN IBCLC I would ideally like to work in private practice, with the homebirth community (I had two homebirths) and possibly with the natural birth center. I would also love to help young mothers. I want to keep options open for employment though. Thanks for the suggestions so far
Thanks for your reply Peony. I don't want to give shots, draw blood, start IV's and that kind of stuff. I never thought of myself as a nurse. I love lactation-- helping women breastfeed, reading about research, promoting breastfeeding with classes and programs and even laws. I love all that. Is becomming a RN the only path that really makes sense? Another option could be getting a MPH in infant marternal health. ??? But in the end, I still may have trouble...
Subscribing Thinking of going back to school to become a RN with the goal of becomming a lactation consultant
Are there any RN mama's out there? I am considering going back to school to become an RN and have questions... First of all, my passion is lactation and helping women breastfeed. So I want to become a lactation consultant. I have a BA in Sociology/social work and experience with children with special needs and their families. I know I don't have to be a RN to become a lactation consultant but it seems like many of the classes required to sit for the IBCLC exam would...
curious about this too....
I'm in the same situation... there are places to do the course work both locally and on-line but getting the clinical hours is tough. I'm trying to get into the WIC peer counselor program- haven't gotten a call back yet. Don't want to be an RN but want to make sure I can get hired....so that's why I'm thinking of getting a degree along with the IBCLC. However, that may require just too much time away from my own family. ???
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