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All three slept together for about 2 years. Then one didn't like to snuggle (still doesn't) so she moved to her own and the other two stayed together in the crib and then a queen mattress until they asked for their own beds 6 months ago. (They are 5 now.) Every so often those two still snuggle in one bed together.
Hi all! I was in an accident and need to replace 3 seats. The seats we have are Radian 85s and fit 3 across in our Nissan Quest. The girls were bickering and I had the seats installed two in the back and one in the middle but they started asking to be put back 3 across.    Since we need new seats now I'm thinking of moving up to the Graco Nautilis or Britax Frontier so that they can convert to boosters when we need them. Anyone know if they fit 3 across? Or another...
I've been doing this for a while and love it! After about 6 weeks dh complained that his undershirts won't so white so I pulled them out and washed them, his white undies and his white socks together with some bleach. I wash our towels together with the family cloth. The cleaning rags are washed separately, too. I don't really sort, though, because the family cloth is kept in its own pails and the cleaning rags are kept under the kitchen sink.
The WFs near me suck at storage. Every time I've purchased from them it tastes off from the start. I returned one bottle that I hadn't noticed was past its pull date and the manager was giving me a hard time about it being raw and that's how it is.
When my girls were RF in the back seat of the van I would buckle them in through the trunk. I had to make sure there was room to get in there, but it worked wonderfully. I've also stowed one of our captain seats and had a nice space to move around in when buckling them up.
Thanks! I ended up buying some of the HWOT stuff. It seems popular and has a decent resale value if it doesn't work out well. I hope it gets here soon because she's filling up all sorts of papers with letters and telling me what she's "written" on it. LOL Since we are home with colds tomorrow, I'll print some worksheets out for her to look at with letters she knows.
Thanks! Me helping her form the letters correctly is what made me question the mats I got. That "ball and stick" writing is hard for me to do. LOL
DD1 (3y9m) has spent the week writing "A" "E" "I" and things that look like "O" and "U" on anything she can. She also then tells me that she needs to find some things that start with whatever letter she just wrote. I have no idea where it came from, but it seems she is interested. I have no clue what to get her, though. I didn't think handwriting was something that started so early. We do Montessori things and have the sandpaper letters and the metal insets which she...
I stumbled onto a flier for LA Jewish Homeschoolers at a kosher market and went to a meeting. I also belong to an AP mamas Yahoo group an one one of the women there mentioned a local homeschoolers group. Google provided links to others that were mentioned by the above resources.
Hi! I'm Miriam, mom to three girls who are 3y9m. I've an arrangement with dh to homeschool through 1st grade and then re-evaluate. He tends to waver between "they are so advanced and smart and we can focus on what each one loves" to getting stuc in the idea of sitting them in chairs in front of a chalkboard and me writing on it things the "should" learn. In other words he likes the idea of homeschooling and recognizes the good it does, but needs some deschooling before he...
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