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Love this idea!! I'd be honored to participate.
Thank you for all these wonderful suggestions!  Much appreciated! xo
Just wanted to say that I am 5'1" and pregnant with my 2nd at 13 weeks along and look like I did at 25 weeks pregnant with my first. When I was 7 weeks I looked similar to the photo you posted--I think being on the short-side really helps the little bump pop out!  I think you look beautiful and you are going to continue glowing for the rest of your pregnancy:)
Hi all!   I was just curious if anyone is reading anything inspiring and exciting for your pregnancy and birth? This is my second viable pregnancy, and I loved reading Ina May the first time around. If you have any suggestions for things that really spoke to you, I'd love to hear about it!   Hope you all have a great day!
Thinking about you mamabell and sending love
All healing thoughts and love your way--so sorry for your loss x
Bigs hugs and lots of love to you x
Serenyd--both my mom and grandma were hyperthyroid. I think my midwife was maybe confused by the information I gave her--I was really panicked and confused too, and was convinced this was the root of my previous miscarriage. Thanks so much for your patience and advice! Thesilence- I wasn't able to see one of our town's two thyroid specialists until August and I thought I just couldn't wait that long, in case there was a major problem. A friend of mine suggested a GP that...
Yay!  Congrats!!!
Thanks so much, Serenyd!  My mother and grandmother both had their thyroids removed, but later in life--not during childbearing years, so I was really surprised to have this creep up on me. I have been feeling tired, but I thought that was normal during the first trimester of pregnancy. I have never been on medication for my thyroid before, so I am really nervous about doing so. I have heard it is really difficult to convince the two endocrinologists in our town to...
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