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My kids use the same dishes and silverware we do, though they usually prefer to eat with the dessert-size forks and teaspoons instead of the larger spoons and forks. They use a sippy cup until they're about three, then just a regular glass. We've had a few chipped or broken dishes, but the savings in hassle is worth it to me. Plus, glasses and real dishes don't get knocked over amd spilled as easily as flimsy plastic stuff.
Another vote for angel wing, snugly snappied. The only leaks I've had with it are a tiny bit up the back. We use exclusively wool, and if a tiny bit of poop gets ona cover, I rinse the spot under running water while brushing gently with a washcloth, then rub on a little Eucalan, rinse slightly, and press water out with a towel.
You're getting some good advice here! I thought I'd throw out a trick I found for moving big babies around in the bed at night-- I put them down on a couple layers of receiving blankets under their whole body, and when it's time to switch sides I sit up and slide them over by holding onto the edge of the blankets. It has the advantage of catching nursing drips or spitup too. Another trick is to just roll over with the baby in your arms, pressed against your chest. My...
We exclusively use wool. Occasionally I think I should get some plastic covers to avoid compression leaking in the carseat, but I've never bothered. I use a snappi on prefolds, and have very rarely experienced poop leaking. We also do EC for poop, so that helps, but prefolds are great. I recommend snappi over pins, just cuz it's faster. I'm on my third cloth-and-wool-diapered baby, and I can't imagine a simpler system.
Wool! The mircle fabric for winter biking. I wear a thin wool base layer and wool socks, waterproof boots, a water-reistant jacket, and a light wool wrap around my head/ears. You warm up fast, though, and sometimes I have to stop and take off a few layers, even when it's really cold. The kids wear warm clothes and cover up with a fleece stadium blanket that's waterproof on one side. They never get particularly wet, cuz I block all the rain!Of course, I live in a temperate...
We added the hub motor for this exact reason-- but honestly, there's no bike that would get 140 lb me and 140 lbs of kids+library books+groceries up these hills unassisted on a daily basis. I can muscle through on an xtracycle, but for hauling capacity with two or three kids, the Madsen with motor is fantastic.
Depending on your terrain and climate, as well as the ages of your children, a mountain bike with panniers and a trailer might work for quite a while. For me, there wasn't enough cargo room to let us tote what we needed in a setup like that, and by the time my kids were three and five, they hated being crammed in where they couldn't see out much. The trailer was also very tough on the hillls, because of how the weight is distributed. Eventually we bought a Madsen with an...
I think a lot depends on what resources you have available. I know that for my babies I have bought very, very few things new, a lot of things used, and even more has been given to me as hand-me-downs. We are blessed with lots of good thrift stores here, and a good children's cinsignment store. Basically there is nothing I would *prefer* to buy new if used was available, with the exception of a car seat. Even then, I personally would take one handed down if I knew it had...
It seems like it might be worth contacting the company to see what they recommend--there's no way you are the first to encounter this situation-- but I have dealt with similar accidents to our wool bed toppers by first saturating the spot with water aand then putting it in the full sun until very dry. Not really the time of year for that here, but maybe you live in a sunnier spot! Good luck! Aand sorry about the waste of breastmilk-- that's always totally heartbreaking.
I got ours at soaring heart futon in seattle-- they do sell online as well-- and it was around $90 for a queen at that time. My parents have an identical one they have used for more than 20 years, so I decided it was a good investment.
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