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  For us it helped to talk about it during the day, and not in the moment when she wants to nurse. Having conversations about what we were going to do instead, and making it sound really exciting seemed to work well. For all of mine the bedtime and the first thing in the morning were their favorite times, so I told them that we would not be doing any more "meemee's" at night. We even made a song about it. The repetition, and their input on what to do instead seemed to...
Is there anyone here who is TF Veg? I was veg for 15 years, then switched back to eating meat TFish/ Primalish a couple of years ago. I'll admit my health has HUGELY improved, but there are a lot of things I miss about being vegetarian.  I'm considering trying to do like a TF style vegetarian diet to see if that's enough to feel well, and have the lifestyle I want.   Anyone here have experience?
A couple years back someone had posted a recipe for a crustless pumpkin pie. I used to make it and eat it for breakfast. I lost it, and can't ever remember recipes. Anyone have a good one?
It's the alcohol
I'm just bummed I wasted my time reading the whole freakin story.    
I actually don't think it's called a tag line, but  I don't know what it is called. Under CMB123 it says "blunt object" I want to know how to take that off.  Thanks!
My friend is due in August and wants a VBAC. She has gestational diabetes, as she did last time, and is on an insulin pump. Her OB of course won't even entertain the idea of a VBAC. I have attended many VBACs as a doula over the last 11 years, but am realizing she is actually the first one that I've worked with who has other complications besides just having a previous c-section.    Any input, experience, ideas, questions for her to make sure she acts, things to make...
 I think that when it comes to nutrition, the "guidelines' that pediatricians follow is so far off from what a lot of us "here" do i.e. exclusive breastfeeding, traditional foods etc... that they never seem to have the same idea of "health" that I do.   I try to remember that they are really there to treat illness- so I don't rely on them for anything but that.
I'm not usually good at keeping up with these threads, but since I finally caught it at the beginning I'm gonna try. I'm commiting to grain free as well, I was doing really well for quite a while, then slowly they crept back in and then the holidays came....yuck. I feel like crap. I'm cutting way way back on sugar as well, and will maybe give it up completely at some point, but one thing at a time.
Why avoid MEAC schools?
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