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if they are nonrefundable you are sol. you may be able to change the time or date for a fee but that would be about it.
ah how terrible for you and the chick.
only time i notice is if they post questionable stuff. or very new.
ok the narrowest booster is the britax starriser comfy. it has a narrower back than the fisher price voyager booster. they both have very narrow base but the back of the fisher price is about 1.5 inches widder than the britax starriser compy. both have the same base with of 13.5 i have one i can measure for you if you want.
I have to agree she is a twit. women should do what best works for their family. I don't have time to wast reading her #@$@.
Congratulations! that is wounderful! I have been a sahm for 8months now and am loving it
My husband runs his own busness laying carpet and vinyl.
Congratulaions All
Looks good to me!
I found out today my dd has a yeast rash. How do i wash my diapers so she doesn't get re-infected?? I am useing sposies right now just trying to get the rash undercontrol. Thanks for all the help. Julie.
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