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I'm sorry mama. I have no knowledge or experience whatsoever. I hope someone can help you. The uncertaincy must be tough to deal with. I wish you both the best.
Oh mama, I'm so sorry. You have far far too much on your plate. Constant stress makes it impossible to fully heal from the PTSD. Something needs to change. I don't know how or what. I understand the triggers too and it is a lot different with older and stronger kids. I wish you peace and healing. Hugs
Since vyanse is a sustained release medication, I can't think of any advice. My son had the same problems with short acting ritalin and we switched to sustained release with great effect. I'm sorry you are dealing with this problem mama.  
Oh, mama. That's beyond awful. I've heard good things about clonidine. Your husband needs to step up. Pregnancy and extreme sleep deprivation can be dangerous. Hugs to you.
Hi mamas,   I'm new to this particular forum. I'm a single mom to DS age 10. DS is an aspie and also has ADHD, Sensory Processing disorder and motor development disorder. His dad is out of the picture so I'm doing everything myself.   I have really lost control over house work during the last 8 months. DS had to leave school due to extreme anxiety and was home schooled. He is now in special ed. and I can breathe a little better. I have been under extreme stress...
My son is exactly the samme and I do believe it's quite common. My DS has aspergers and is very verbal. His sense of humor is great with me and he understands irony. That is not the case when he interacts with others I'm sorry you had such a confusing experience. I know how emotionally hard the process of getting a diagnosis is. You are doing the best thing for your boy. Conflicting opinions among professionals doesn't change that. Hugs mama.
So sorry mama. I'm also an aspie mom. I know how helpless you can feel during these meltdowns. You did the right thing. Hugs to you.
To ErinYay,   I'm a little late but....   I saw a video on youtube - a girl in highschool who talked about how it feels to have aspergers. I found it extremely helpful. More so than books written by experts. I agree with littlestar that your inputs are of great value.   I really recommend listening to personal accounts on youtube. This girl made me realize why my son feels the need to throw clothes that trickers his sensory issues far away instead of just...
Hi fellow SN mamas,   Today has been such a hard day. My 9yo ds was supposed to go on a field trip but he got really anxious and didn't go. Life is getting more and more complicated and affected by his autism. There are so many things he can't do because of anxiety.   I'm a single mom and have sole physical custody and I spent so much time advocating and trying to get the appropiate help. It's a huge battle due to the recession and cut backs affecting social and...
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