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I'm so very sorry that you are feeling so bad. I've been crying too today and I too feel lonely. You are not weird because you feel so lonely. I really think that the only advice I can give is to find a good therapist to give you all the support you need on your journey. I'm sorry your friends and sisters have treated you like they have and that you no longer can rely on your x-boyfriend for love and support. Please don't ever hesitate to post here. In my...
What a terrible day you had - I'm sorry. I had a bad day too and it sucks!! Anne
Fore some newly divorced the first few months are actually easier because they keep them self busy with all the practical and legal stuff. Then after some time the emotional part gets worse. I think that in my situation the second half of the first year was the hardest. I hope you're feeling better soon. This will pass - it just takes some time. Anne
Thank you mamas. It's a little bit funny to introduce myself here since I feel like I already "know" all of you - after reading in this forum every single night for two years. Maybe I should have introduced myself sooner but reading without posting seemed fine and I had so little energy left in the evenings. By the way, I also read your blog Celeste. You are doing a fantastic job. My god I find your stbx challenging. Anne
If you have more questions or things doesn't improve feel free to pm me. Anne
Hi, My name is Anne. I'm a Danish mom to my six year old son. I have been lurking on this board ever since my divorce two years ago. I've found it tremendously helpful to see how others have healed and moved on to live better lives after divorcing. It gave me so much hope back then when I thought I couldn't survive for another minute. So thank you mamas. I find you all so inspiring and strong. Anne
Hi, My son was like your DD after my divorce. I gave him about a year before starting to intervene. What I did was to have a long talk about how other children and adults don't like people who complain all time, use whining, hostile and negative talking and so on. I think he really had a good understanding of the relationship between his own attitude and the way other people respond to him. We then talked about how whining and negativity was the only way...
Hi, It seems to me like the underlying reason for not wanting do things is that your son is anxious. If he wants to know where everyone are, doesn't want to be left at school and he's afraid of criticism he might have some kind of deeper psychological issues. Has there been any major changes in his life recently - like moving, just starting to go to school or some kind of crisis in your family? I suppose your son needs a lot of reassurance and you might need to...
Hi there mamaley, Resting means lying down, preferably on your left side (more oxygen available for the baby). Sitting will produce just as much pelvic pressure as standing. Be aware that many midwifes aren't careful enough when it comes to preterm labour. If I were you, I would put myself on complete bedrest at least for the next couple of weeks. Complete bedrest means that you can go to the toilet and that's it. Luckily you are already at 32 weeks which means your...
Hi there Luma, I know that when Evening Primrose Oil is used as an fertility promoter, most woman discontinue the use after ovulation. EPO is said to cause thinning of the uterine lining which in turn makes the luteal phase shorter. Anne
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